This year’s Thannal Resolutions

From 23 Aug 2018- 23 Aug 2019

Today, August 23 is Thannal’s birthday. After seven years of romanticising Nature and its various methods, we are at a turning point where Kerala is completely devastated with floods. We do not name it as ‘nature’s fury’ but a long term calamity caused by the actions of people in the name of development in the Western Ghats and Flood Plains. Taking this as a wake-up call for our future years of natural buildings, we come up with the following objectives for next year: August 2018 – August 2019.

  • #KeralaFloods : An attempt for a Free Home, for rehabilitation of a Flood effected family, built in pure natural building techniques. We are constantly learning more about natural building techniques, but whatever we have learnt, we will be contributing to make a home to withstand floods, affordable for all and without harming nature. ‘Grow more villages with less development and natural buildings.’ It will be co-ordinated by Sundar Rajganesh, Akhil Shajan, Biju Anna and others from Thannal team, along with a selected team of scientist and PhD students, master masons from Rajasthan. More details will be published after the project is completed.
  • Natural Living: growing own food in natural way to be self-sustaining. Not only having Natural Buildings, but essentially cultivating food for ourselves to take a step ahead in Natural Living. Sindhu Bhaskar, Adhya Vriksha, Chidhambara Raaja, Gughapriya Elango will be working on it. Within 15 days, we will be announcing a Farmers workshop: Natural Living to hand over the values of building and farming in harmony with earth, initially for Tamil Nadu farmers and later for other states.
  • Publishing video documentation, of Earth Bag home by film maker Aparna Bansal.
  • Launching ‘Khoj’, second Natural Building Music venture by Dharan Ashok and Prashanth P.S. after Adobe Girl.
  • Taking the idea of natural buildings to the local people through first Indian Natural Building Magazine in regional languages Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.
  • Expressing more through our website and print media, than public speaking or interviews. Following a path of ‘Nishkama Karma’ without much media attention and publicity.
  • Natural Building Library in a Village, so that indigenous knowledge bank is correctly placed into a rural surrounding.
  • We are happy to convey that we are registered as Thannal Mud Homes Trust, paving way to expansion of our Natural Building School into a full-fledged educational institution.
  • After spending more than two and half years studying about methods in Rajasthan, exploring more about South Indian techniques in Chettinad Plasters and with Guruvayoor Mural Institute.
  • Study of Flat mud roofs at a 300-year-old Cob Home in Palakkad.
  • Lime-brick study and revival of lime kilns.
  • Publishing books:
    1. Indian Plasters
    2. Handbook for Common man: How to do a Natural Building
    3. Weaving Wall translations into regional languages
    4. Journey of Owner’s Builds through Thannal, in Malayalam and English.

Prepared by Akhil Shajan

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