Thannal Team

Thannal team

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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” – Gandhi

Biju Bhaskar Architect and Natural Builder

Ar.Biju Bhaskar

Founder/ CEO/Principal Architect
In 2007, Biju Bhaskar remigrated to the serene environment at the foot of Arunachala, marking the beginning of an insightful journey into self-education and the mastery of earthen architecture. His rigorous research into India’s ancient construction methodologies led to the foundation of Thannal in 2011, responding to the critical need for sustainable and environmentally harmonious building practices. Thannal stands as a beacon of innovation, bringing ancient architectural wisdom to the forefront of modern construction. Through Thannal, Biju Bhaskar, at the heart of this movement, aims to bridge the gap between past and present architectural practices, ensuring a greener future.Know more about Biju Bhaskar here

Sindhu Bhaskar Thannal

Sindhu Bhaskar

Founder/ Chairperson

As the backbone and founder of Thannal, Sindhu Bhaskar, whose origins trace back to a village nestled in Kerala’s Western Ghats, has been a resident of Tiruvannamalai since 2009. Deeply inspired by Ramana Maharshi, her background in fashion design, focusing on organic materials, natural colours, and dyes, underscores her dedication to sustainable living. Founding Thannal Natural Homes was a manifestation of her deeply held values, enriched through her extensive travels across India with Biju and their children broadening her expertise in natural building. Today, as a renowned expert in natural plaster, she dedicates herself to the study of natural pigments, significantly advancing Thannal’s research and development efforts.

Ar.Dharan Ashok

COO/Chief Architect

Starting his journey from B’Arch, Dharan Ashok emerges as the visionary Artist + Architect at Thannal. Collaborating with Sindhu Bhaskar, he spearheads the transformation with fresh ideas. With 7 years mentored by Biju Bhaskar, his leadership propels Thannal into a new era of innovation. He is set to become Thannal’s future CEO, marking a promising direction for the organization.

Adhya and Bodhi vriksha

Upcoming Managing Directors

Adhya and Bodhi, sons of Thannal’s founders and respectively a BAIMS student and a 10th-grade homeschooler, embody the legacy of sustainability. From a young age, they have been integral to Thannal’s vision, contributing to various projects and deeply engaging with the principles of natural building. Their journey reflects a seamless blend of learning and contributing, preparing them to take Thannal’s mission forward.


Campus caretaker

Raman, our beloved campus caretaker, is both a shepherd and a seasoned farmer. For the past 6 years, beyond his core duties, he’s been the heart of our campus, collaborating with top masons and infusing laughter into our daily lives. More than just a caretaker, Raman is our day-brightener, blending humor with professionalism in every task.


Natural Farming Consultant

After studying Art and Animation, he adopted Nammalwar’s natural farming ideals. Now, he promotes natural farming in villages and coordinates campus farming efforts, educating local farmers on sustainable practices. His work is a blend of tradition and innovation, nurturing nature and community alike.

Dawood Ibrahim Muwal, Abdul Razak Muwal & Liyakat Muwal

Master Artisans in Lime & Trainers

Being a mason for decades in heritage conservation in Mumbai, Dawood ji later associated with Thannal in 2016. Together, we revived the Thappi-Lohi Plaster following a series of on-site experiments, such as with the underground grey water tank and lime tank. His brothers, Razak ji and Liyakat ji, coordinated the Revival Workshop for Thappi-Araish Plaster in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan. We aim to resurrect this dying craftsmanship by training more people

Munuswamy Anna, Arunasalam Anna & Taniasalam Anna

Local Farmers

Three brothers from a farming family have been actively involved in our natural buildings for many years, including projects like the Earth-Bag home, Dervish Studio, and Learning Center. They have also assisted in numerous natural building workshops on the campus and participated in many experiments conducted on-site with master masons.

Narayana Swami

Master Roof Thatcher

Hailing from a quaint village in Tiruvannamalai, our master thatcher embarked on his craft at a tender age. His skilled hands have adorned nearly every thatched roof of Thannal Homes, weaving tales of tradition and resilience. Witnessing the decline of thatched shelters across South India, he committed his expertise to Thannal, pioneering innovations in thatch roofing with materials such as palm, reeds, and coconut leaves, across varied dimensions to safeguard this ancient art. He also shares his rich knowledge by teaching in our workshops, ensuring the legacy of his craft thrives for generations.

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Over 50 +  hands-on training programmes were conducted and 1500+ people trained

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