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12+ Years of Service

Spreading awareness about Indian natural building methods, through hands-on workshops, online video courses and books

This is a platform for sharing knowledge in natural buildings based on the traditional shelter-making methods in India. The age-old practice of using natural materials available from the surroundings in a way without causing harm to nature is revived. The addition of plant and animal derivatives made these homes durable for centuries.

Completed Workshop

50+ hands-on training programmes were conducted and 1500+ people trained.

Books and ebooks

A path to ensure knowledge transfer from ancestors to the future generations.


Online tutorial video series Part 1 - 4

India's first natural building App for Online learning tutorial video series in Tamil & English

Research and Development

Scientific research and development involving artisans on traditional natural building methods and techniques

Traditional Rajasthani lime plastering using natural materials like Lime & Surkhi

Reviving the smooth mirror-like traditional Rajasthani Plasters using lime.

Roofing method using branches & twigs of plants with waterproofing plasters.

Explore Our Workshops

Learn the skill of shelter making by working with your hands on in our Natural building kalari.

Native Farmers Workshop

Natural Plastering and Flooring workshop

10-day long Course

Revival of traditional techniques workshop

Common Man Workshop

Natural Building Music videos

Songs that capture people and communities with their essence, journey, and emotions that give awareness to Natural building practices.

Natural Builders Around Us

Here you'll find architects, civil engineers, masons etc & discover Natural builders from every walk of life who have studied with Thannal
Interview 82 Years Old Tamil Nadu Stapathi Master Artisan Nataraja Pillai Ayya FI
People & Interviews

Interview: 82 years old Tamil Nadu sthapathi (Master artisan) Nataraja Pillai ayya

Respecting an artisan series: Here, is a compilation of the interview with Nataraja Pillai ayya, on the usage of lime, lime plasters and various mud plasters that were practised in the region of Nagercoil.

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Unveiling the indigenous knowledge behind the mud houses of Nagercoil FI
Ageless Village Homes

Unveiling the indigenous knowledge behind the mud houses of Nagercoil

Our ancestors had attained a good strength and stabilization in their building, just by using several locally available plant and animal admixtures and handling mud in the right way!

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Understanding Gandhiji in the time of coronavirus FI
Ageless Village Homes

Understanding Gandhiji in the time of coronavirus

‘Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise’, this pandemic is a wake-up call to India, spotlighting the relevance of traditional Indian structure and the Gandhian way of life.

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