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13+ Years of Service

Spreading awareness about Indian natural building methods, through hands-on workshops, online video courses and books

This is a platform for sharing knowledge in natural buildings based on the traditional shelter-making methods in India. The age-old practice of using natural materials available from the surroundings in a way without causing harm to nature is revived. The addition of plant and animal derivatives made these homes durable for centuries.

Research and Development

With over 13+ years of experience, our commitment to research and development in the present day is aimed at advancing traditional natural building methods through innovative techniques. Our primary goal is to establish a sustainable future using zero percent cement

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Shutter cob house in Sonvale a village near Murbad in Maharashtra
Thannal Homes

The Natural Home by Food Blogger Kalyon

Chef Kalyon's journey to crafting a sustainable 540 sq.ft home in Sonvale, Maharashtra showcases cost-effective, eco-conscious living. Using eco-friendly materials and innovative construction methods.
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Khan Markets Natural Haven A House Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi Busy Streets FI
Thannal Homes

Khan Market’s Natural Haven: A Home Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi’s Busy Streets

Witness the power of determination as Manisha Thakur builds a sustainable home amidst Delhi's chaos, inspiring eco-conscious living
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Unveiling the Legacy of Ancient Engineers: Natural Building and Sustainable Cities
Revival series

A glimpse into advanced ancient societies

Explore the forgotten civilizations and wisdom of ancient engineers who achieved sustainable cities with natural building techniques. Discover their timeless wisdom for modern sustainability.
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