Thannal Homes

Thannal Homes
Houses designed and built in principles followed by Thannal – natural and local materials, minimal consumption of resources, cost effective, indigenous methods found near the site and use of traditional plant and animal derivatives in construction.

Divided into 5 category

  1. Owner’s build – Made by owner him/her self or with their family, friends or with help of few workers.
  2. Professionals in Natural Buildings – Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Contractors, who have signing authorities to do a buildinging
  3. Self trained natural builders – Farmers, artists, travellers,fashion designers,research scientists, teachers, government employes and many more
  4. Artisans/ Masons – Plasterer, Carpenters, Master masons,other area skilled people in Natural building and craft
  5. Thannalites – Students of natural buildings who have worked under founders of Thannal – Biju Anna and Sindhu Akka


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