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Back – Home, an inner sathi (companion) in Natural Building, is an online tutorial video series to help people learn about building homes with natural materials. The four-part video series has a total running time of 10+ hours. There are a total of 170 videos in Tamil & English (3.5 hours in each language) in Part 1 – ‘Essential Materials in Natural Building’ itself. Part 2 – ‘Walls & Foundation’, Part 3 – ‘Roofing’ and Part 4 ‘Plastering & Flooring’ will be launched before 2023.

It is step-by-step video documentation from the Thannal campus and other construction sites, which can assist you in learning about natural buildings. All the aspects in need of shelter making are present in the series. It is a perfect companion in your journey to make a natural home. It is a compilation of 12 years of research and explorations in Natural Building by Thannal founder Ar. Biju Bhaskar.

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Online tutorial video series Part 1 - 4

Part 1: Essential Materials of Natural Building
Part 2: Wall Systems & Foundation
(Work in Progress)
Part 3: Natural roofing techniques
(Next schedule)
Part 4: Natural Finishes & Flooring (Later schedule)
(Later schedule)

Bundle our Natural building videos and save money!

Part 1 Bundle

Essential Materials of Natural Building
  • Early Bird Discount
  • Accessibility till DEC 2023
  • Lifetime Accessibility
  • 3.5 Hours (85 Videos)
  • Android APP
  • IOS App (coming soon)
  • Content Release at Regular Intervals

Part 1 - 4 Bundle

  • Early Bird Discount 15 %
  • Accessibility till DEC 2023
  • Lifetime Accessibility
  • + 10 Hours Watching time
  • Android APP
  • IOS App (coming soon)
  • Content Release at Regular Intervals

Comparison Table

Basic Bundle Complete Bundle
Available videos Part 1 only All four parts of the series
References & resources Available for part 1 only Available for all parts
Validity Till December 2023 / No Lifetime Access Till December 2023 / Lifetime Access Available on Extra Cost
Additional Research published by Thannal in future Not available with the package. Available within the package.
Consultation Not available Can avail consultation at an add on price after launch of part 2 - wall systems.
Early bird registration for books and workshops Not available Available exclusively before 1 week of public launch.
Affiliate marketing Become Thannal affiliates and earn for yourselves. Become Thannal affiliates and earn for yourselves.
Any online events by Thannal Available on payment of full fee. Available at a discounted price, early bird registration.
Additional Contents Only one package available, part 2,3&4 has to be purchased separately. Content of part 2 - 4 release at Regular interval with Bonus videos

Special offers are available for our previous hands-on workshop participants through their WhatsApp groups. There will be offers available for members of ‘Thannal news’ WhatsApp groups, YouTube community, Instagram and Facebook page followers.


“Making natural buildings explained in a simple way, like cooking videos”

What Do You Get From These Tutorial Videos?

What is a natural building?

Traditional homes made with Mud, Lime, Stone, Bamboo, wood and other derived admixtures from plants and animals are called natural buildings. Often made with local materials. The community came together to build homes. Explore how our ancestors built shelter without disturbing the earth. Homes with natural materials provide healthy living spaces.

What is the importance of natural building now?

If we spend our life earnings building a home with cement, what are we getting in return?

  • Depletion of river ecosystem due to excessive sand mining.
  • Cement and concrete are significant contributors to increased carbon emissions & global warming.
  • Overuse of water for curing concrete.
  • Overuse of energy-intensive materials like steel, cement.
  • Harmful VOCs and gases from paints & other building materials.

Instead, shouldn’t our shelter making process –

  • Reduce carbon emissions by using alternate construction methods and materials?
  • Create chemical toxin free spaces, nourishing your health?
  • Involve more Reusable materials, which our future generations can use?
  • Revive the use of traditional methods involving natural materials, which have existed for a long time?

Who are we?

Thannal was founded by natural building architect Biju Bhaskar and Sindhu Bhaskar. 

  • Experience of more than a decade in natural construction methods.
  • 50+ hands-on learning workshops with over 1500+ participants.
  • 75+ projects all around the country built by people learnt from workshops.
  • Already published an E-book “Weaving walls” in 2016, with 1,000+ copies sold.
  • YouTube channel with 42,000+ followers and a total of 3.1 million+ views for documentation videos.
  • Facebook page with 27,000+ followers, WhatsApp community of 7,000+ and Instagram 8,000+ followers, through which we share content about the natural building to spread awareness among the public.

What was the process of creating this course?

The founders of Thannal Ar. Biju Bhaskar and Sindhu Bhaskar have been in the field of Natural building since 2009. They have been teaching about building with natural materials through workshops since 2014. After years of conceptualising the idea of having a medium of learning about natural building on a broader scale, the founders of Thannal thought about an online solution to reach the masses. The groundwork of making the online tutorial video series and the book (Back Home) started in December 2018. After going through several trials and working throughout, we have come up with this part 1 of the tutorial video series. Works on the remaining parts are in progress. We plan to launch them soon, in the coming year 2022.

bonus videos

Natural buildings tips and tricks


Build sustainable healthy natural homes and reduce the impact on earth.

Learner and Readers Reviews

Tara Sapru
Tara Sapru
Screenwriter / Theater Artist
Read More
India has a vast ancient knowledge of building with natural materials, all of which are better suited to our regional climatic needs, all of which have too long been ignored and forgotten. Trapped in growing cities of cement and steel, rising building costs, corrupt governments and bald faced greed, it is a breath of fresh air to find Thannal. Whether you simply want to learn because you are curious or are seriously looking to build your own home with your own two hands, these workshops are a revelation. More than that, they contain in them precious seeds for revival and revolution.
Carter Joseph
Carter Joseph
Read More
What an experience….. “Thannal” is not just about constructing Mud buildings, but a bold caption in paving a way to simplistic living in harmony with nature…..”Thannal” is a great place to start one’s journey towards natural building as it targets almost all aspects about managing & constructing buildings in most natural ways. I sincerely thank Biju Anna for his dedication, sincerity, attention and research, he has devoted in planning and executing such valuable courses and wish great success to the “Thannal Team” in inspiring greater crowds and communities.
A Great Beginning
Read More
This is the place to start your natural building journey, a book compiled for beginners as it introduces you to realising the possibilities of your natural home. Thannal, creating a revolution in reviving natural building in India.
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan
Primary School Teacher
Read More
Wow - where do I start? Our family flew in from the UK and had the best ten days with the Thannal crew at the natural building workshop. We learned, we laughed, we listened, we worked, we ate, we played and we shared. Thanks so much to everyone at Thannal and keep up the good work in spreading your message. We are just embarking on our own natural building in Australia and will try to keep all of the Thannal principles in mind. Thanks again, the Morgan Waters Family Andrew Morgan Hannah Waters, Felix and Ollie.
Uma Vaijnath
Uma Vaijnath
Read More
This is the place, rather the ONLY(in India) where you'll find ppl (especially Biju) are so eager to give all the in depth needed info regarding mud house building. The family is so dedicated, including their 15yr old as well, happy imparting all the necessary info for building one's own space. This 10 days workshop is good enough for any non technical, just any layman, can go ahead and design and bring one to life..
Detailed book on eco-construction
Read More
A well written detailed book on eco building. Those who wants to build their house eco friendly & with their own hands engaged. It is a must have book.
R Sheela
R Sheela
Accountant General (A&E)
Read More
After a lot of research they have found a variety if ways to build your natural houses! excellent job!
Ananda Kumar
Ananda KumarYoga Teacher
Read More
Excited to learn foundations of eco friendly, natural way of building .. ☺️ And how we can sculpt with natural materials like bamboo, soil, lime … Kudos to passionate Thannal team for researching, documenting various indigenous natural building resources and making very useful hands on training 👌 Admire the good mix of useful information, hands on training, clarifying doubts, open to consult ! Happy to see alternate architects who live what they teach and glad to hear stories of surviving flood in their hand crafted home 💚🤗.
Natarajan Krishnasamy
Natarajan Krishnasamy
Read More
Could not have asked for more! Have been researching about building with mud and Thannal seems to have a razor sharp focus on sustainable architecture. A small team with a sea of enthusiasm. Wish the tribe grows from strength to strength. May the force be with you guys!


Note: Only Part 1 is available; part 5 is already on Thannal’s youtube channel. Other parts will be coming out in 2022.

  • Part 1– Fundamentals of natural building materials (Launching soon) 
  1. Introduction to Natural Building
  2. Mud
  3. Bamboo
  4. Lime
  5. Surkhi
  6. Admixtures
  • Part 2– Construction of Wall, Foundation and Roof (Work in progress)
  1. Introduction to Wall Systems 
  2. Cob
  3. Adobe
  4. Wattle and daub
  5. Earthbag
  6. Compressed earth blocks, 
  7. Foundation with stones, earthbag, bricks 

  • Part 3 – Roofing & Miscellaneous details
  1. Introduction to types of Roofing
  2. Flat Mud Roof
  3. Khiru Roof
  4. Limecrete roof
  5. Adobe roof

Miscellaneous –

  1. Electrical & Plumbing

  • Part 4– Natural Plastering and Flooring
  1. Mud Plastering 
  2. Lime Plastering
  3. Mud + Lime Plastering
  4. Flooring – Mud, Lime and Tile.

  • Part 5– Natural Builders Around Us (Already publishing on this page)

Know the experiences of Owners, Architects, Engineers who already built natural homes learning from us.


“Start your journey as a Natural builder”

100% Online

Natural building school that fits into your schedule. Practice your building skills anytime, with courses from any device

0% Cement

Get an exclusive opportunity to understand how to work with out single drop of cement in a bulinding from foundation to roof

No whiteboard classes

All the methods are explained step by step. See the actual process happening on the site through video documentation

Crowd Funding for the project

We are grateful to receive the kind and generous backing of more than 124 people through crowdfunding to help us go ahead with the work. We are very thankful to each of them for keeping their trust in us for this enormous task. This valuable support helped us keep working throughout the Covid – 19 pandemic period in creating the videos.
Link on this page

The team behind Back Home Videos

Biju Bhaskar natural builder architect

Biju Bhaskar

Founder & Architect
Director, Author 

Thannal Sindhu Bhaskar

Sindhu Bhaskar

Thannal Founder
Project Manager 

Architect Dharan Ashok

Dharan Ashok

Director, Visuals, Editor

Akhil Shajan


Karuppasamy Pandi Dujo


Structural Engineer
Author, Tamil Transalation

Ramani Rajam

Narrator, Illustration 

Anudipti Arul

Narrator, Illustration 

Muzammil Muhammed


Documentation, Editor


“Carry the world of learning about Indian Natural Building in your pocket, accessible from anywhere around the world”

Frequently Asked Questions

It is absolutely for “anyone willing to invest their time in learning about mud by putting their hands in the soil.” Then, after learning from the tutorials, people can build mud homes in a D-I-Y (do it yourself) manner, making all the decisions about the house themselves.

Owners who want a natural home: It is a handy learning tool for owners before hiring professionals to build a mud home. Knowing the construction method can help make the right choices, the project’s easy execution, and better control over expenditure. People from all walks of life, like doctors, lawyers, school teachers, government employees, shopkeepers, homemakers etc., who want to build a natural home can use it.

Professionals: Professionals like architects, civil engineers, artists, designers, product designers, contractors, masons and workers can get hands-on training on mud construction. Sustainable homes are a need of the hour, and professionals can learn and make a difference in the world by incorporating this into their work.

Artisans and workers: Training of artisans and workers can help in skill development and empowerment, creating more employment opportunities and reducing the shortage of artisans in the alternate construction sector.

Students: It is also a resource for academic purposes, for students from architecture, engineering and design colleges to learn about sustainable construction. Sufficient knowledge about materials and methods can make them flexible and confident to use natural materials in designs. It is helpful to add a new skill to be a better professional.

Researchers: For many researchers in sustainable building materials and technology, this is a knowledge base. Explorations by Thannal can be a reference and turning point for many researchers in the journey of exploring mud, lime, bamboo and admixtures.

Nature lovers and sustainability enthusiasts: Everyone who can resonate with the idea of building a sustainable and low impact home without causing much damage to the earth. People who want to live an alternate lifestyle, off-grid or natural living, can benefit from this series. Moreover, organic farmers and permaculturists who understand the need to live in harmony with nature can build a home without disturbing the earth. Traditional medicine practitioners, yoga teachers, and people concerned about climate change who wish to live closer to nature can learn about mud homes.

A trained natural builder: Anyone who wants to become a trained natural builder, to help owners or earn a living by building mud homes can start learning through the videos. Irrespective of their backgrounds, they can gain knowledge and practise hands-on by themselves to acquire the skill.

Children going through alternate education: The videos are about the survival skill of making shelters. So children doing homeschooling or an alternate curriculum can use it to learn to build with mud.

The video series takes the viewer through a step-by-step process of making a home straightforwardly. It makes understanding different stages of construction easy for people from all walks of life. It can help people understand various methods, prepare prototypes and samples of techniques, and choose suitable methods

It gives enough information to start experimenting and learn about materials hands-on. It can remove the fear of things going wrong, starting with developing the skills.
One can start with a small structure first and later build a home for their requirement. Making a smaller structure will provide one with the knowledge for making a home for one’s needs. For example, making a mud oven or a tool room of 6 feet x 6 feet on your land with the method after watching the complete series can help in increasing your confidence in building a home. The information from the videos needs to be adapted to the site conditions while constructing.

  1. Learn about sustainable methods of making shelters.
  2. Convenient for learning the subject from wherever you are right now.
  3. A good starting point to learn about mud construction and do hands-on practice in your land itself.
  4. The videos can provide a valuable understanding of the ideology of building natural homes to the owners who doubt whether to go ahead with mud homes.
  5. For people who have already attended a natural building workshop, this can supplement your already acquired knowledge.
  6. The video series brings multiple situations and contexts existing on different sites into the picture. Many natural building hands-on workshops may not be able to do so due to the limitations of specific building locations.
  7. In case you forget a few aspects or details, you can always check back to the videos. They are accessible for multiple viewing until the expiry of the package you have purchased.
  8. It can empower workers and artisans in traditional methods for new life opportunities.

There are no whiteboard classes in these tutorial videos. Instead, a step by step approach with visuals explains all the methods. See the actual process happening on the site through video documentation. A voice over will be guiding you with the process, with each step shown visually. It also includes additional details about the material or technique as far as possible through the visual medium itself.

The presentation is without a person guiding the viewers through the video but using a voice over. As video making is an intensive process, the availability of a single person for presenting was challenging to maintain the continuity. The video scripts are written, discussed and reviewed multiple times before the shoot to avoid missing any important step. The shooting is carried out both in controlled environments and on the site, especially capturing each detail in the process. Such an approach is essential in the visual communication of various aspects for good learning of the method.
For a better understanding of a few concepts, graphics and illustrations within the video are present. It can help to guide the focus of the viewers into a particular point without distractions. It is beneficial for a straightforward understanding of various technical aspects. It should not be confused with other videos available on youtube. They may have different qualities, no proper scripting and chronological order arrangement to understand the methods better.

There is no particular schedule for watching the videos. After purchasing, complete the viewing of the videos any time before the expiry of the course. There is no need for weekly commitments to watch the videos; you can watch them whenever you find the time. There is no facilitator to guide you through it. Watch the videos one by one, go through the references and do the hands-on practice exercises at the end of each chapter. It is essential to complete all hands-on activities for a better understanding of the subject.

If you have zero experience in building, these are suitable tutorial videos to start teaching yourself. It simplifies the learning process. It gives you a straightforward breakdown of various methods in a very common-man language. This understanding can help you start doing hands-on trials, which can create an in-person experience for yourself. Through this experience, you can begin building something small initially.

The videos are accessible until December 2023, as of now, for the current buyers. This policy can change for future buyers, depending on various situations. We believe this is a long period for learning about mud homes. Lifetime accessibility is also available for particular courses with extra charges.

You can access the video through a computer, laptop or mobile, browser or application (android & IOS) with an internet connection (IOS app work is in progress). As the learning proceeds, construction materials like mud, lime, bamboo, other plant ingredients and construction tools are essential for practical learning (do it yourself sessions).

The total length of the Back Home series is close to 10+ hours of running time, out of which part one is almost 3.5 hours. Part one is currently available.

The videos are self-explanatory, but you can reach out to our team through the website portal if you still have any doubts. Currently, only part-1 of the series is available. After watching all the parts, gain more information about building a mud house, which will release in 2022. However, there will not be one-on-one doubt clearing sessions at present due to current limitations in resources.

There is no refund available for the video series after buying. But there is a preview open, which can help you clarify the learning through the videos.

As the community of participants grows, there will be a group for participants. Currently, it is not available, but there is a strong possibility in the future.

Scholarship closed on 8th OCT 2021

No, it is not possible. Separate courses are created for individual languages. Kindly decide after seeing the preview in each language. There is no language switch over feature available.

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