Thannal as an awareness group emphasises on few selfless values which are inculcated in our efforts deeply through projects, like we offer services in exchange of creating learning opportunities. Studying about Natural Buildings through Volunteering in such projects invokes a nature of ‘Give and Take’, a barter system of values and knowledge. We expect people who apply for volunteers to treat this with the same seriousness.

As Thannal works in Rural scenario, volunteers would be asked to be in such remote areas, away from the bustling city life. Luxuries of living in such a place would be different from the cities, so people who choose to join must be open for such a change in environment. After-all, clear air and lush green landscapes has diminished to few fortunate places. They also need to respect the rural culture, way of living and dressing, try to blend in so that situations will be encouraging for learning.

We promote Owner’s Build, where owner himself learns the techniques from us and practices it. So, we are always in behind the scenes, proving design consultancy and assistance in all stages of construction. Volunteers comes into picture with co-ordinating project on-site as well as doing hands-on work to practice and learn the methods of construction. Documentation of all the work happening on site (photographic, written, video) and quantitative analysis of resources (excel sheets) involved also contributes to portrayal of natural buildings through Thannal in India, which volunteers can help with their skills.

Volunteers may have to support themselves for food and stay, depending on the owner’s calibre to accommodate people. We do work with people who cannot afford architects in conventional scenario and have limited resources, so way of work and luxuries of life will be defined in a humble way, different from the conventional life.

Each project involves important experimentation, so we always love to keep away from all the paparazzi and distractions so that required privacy and space is maintained for all those who work on the project. Once the project is finished, everybody is welcome to learn from and experience the natural building in its purest form. Due to this concern, exact location and owner details will be disclosed only to the selected volunteers.

Nominal contributions made from volunteers in some peculiar cases like Free Homeswill be used in the building itself. There can be more terms depending upon the kind of project, location and concerned owner.

How to start to apply for volunteer ship?

As the Volunteer represents Thannal, we will be choosing candidates with hand-on experience and who have attended any of our workshop and understood the ideology of Thannal. The forms for volunteering will be circulated in closed groups of workshop participants.

To attend a workshop, go to this page.

What is the minimum duration of volunteering with Thannal?

Minimum tenure of volunteering is 20 days. The period of volunteering has to be this long as less than that would be too little time to actively involve yourself in the process.

Is there any tuition fee involved for the volunteering program?

There will be no tuition fee for volunteering except for projects in Free Homes section.

What are the provisions for my accommodation & food?

You will have to take care about your food and accommodation, which can be suggested by the owner. You are most welcome to bring your own tiny home (we mean camper’s tent) if you like it! You will be served with hot Vegetarian Indian meals, local to the region for lunch on site with nominal charges by the owner.

Where are Thannal’s on-going sites where I can volunteer?

You can find our on-going projects here.

What are the areas of volunteering offered at Thannal, and do I need to have any prior experience?

We would love to have you on-board any time of our project stage, although you would gain true benefit if you participate at the start of a stage. You can join us at various stages, placing foundation, wall (cob-adobe-wattle & daub), roofing, making plasters and various creative interventions. We appreciate the learning process where a volunteer must not only be a ‘student’ but also a ‘teacher’, we encourage interactions and are open to suggestions and ideas. Go ahead Explore!

I am a student, and I wish to apply for a short term volunteering with Thannal can I apply?

If you have taken a gap-year and wish to utilize the time for learning and helping, go ahead sign up!

Will I get a Certificate from Thannal for participating in the program?

We do not offer Certificates of any form at Thannal, but we only believe in a mutual and holistic learning process. A good long-time volunteer can get a chance to be an apprentice, which is more than a certificate .

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