Longterm training program

Long-term training program with Thannal

Welcome to our Long Term Training Program! If you’re deeply committed to natural building and eager to pursue it as a career, we’re here for you. Thannal’s comprehensive program blends education with practical experience, making you a proficient natural builder. It’s perfect for those seeking an internship or apprenticeship in this field.

Program Duration

Choose between our 4-6 months or 12 months program, depending on your availability and commitment level.

Our Programs

In-Campus Opportunity On-Site Opportunity (Anywhere in India)
Limited to 1 opening On-Site Opportunity (Anywhere in India)
Our in-campus program provides a unique opportunity to work closely with our team Our on-site program provides practical experience through real-world projects under our guidance.
What You'll Learn: Designing: Collaborate with our team on in-campus projects. Documentation: Gain insights into owner-built projects and village studies. What You'll Do: Designing and Documentation: Learn from ongoing projects and Village Studies. Campus Visit: Once every 45-day visit to the campus required.
  • Fee Structure:
    • 4-6 Months Tenure: INR 55,000
    • 1 Year Tenure: INR 1,00,000

  • You’ll be trained through:
  • Post-Training Opportunities:
    • Career placement with Assured Natural Building Projects (for one-year program graduates demonstrating productivity).
    • For 6 months program graduates can complete additional 6 months training based on their availability and then work with Thannal on projects.
    • With the initial projects you shall also be guided by our team.

  • Please note: You will be responsible for your own accommodation, transportation, and meals during the program. No stipend is provided.

  • Who Can Apply:
    • Our Long Term Training Program is open to individuals who are passionate about natural building and meet the following criteria:

      • Eligibility:
        • Architecture Students: Currently enrolled in an architecture program.
        • Passed Out Architects: Recent graduates in architecture.
        • Year Drop: Individuals who have taken a gap year.
      • Age Requirement:
        • Applicants must be between 18 to 25 years old.
      • Desired Skills:
        • We are looking for candidates with the following skills:
        • Sketching: Proficiency in sketching architectural designs.
        • Documentation: Ability to document project details effectively.
        • Writing: Strong communication skills, especially in technical writing.
        • Technical Skills: Proficiency in AutoCAD and SketchUp for design work.

  • If you meet these criteria and are ready to dedicate yourself to the art of natural building, we welcome you to apply to our program! Check out our curriculum, guidelines and more details where you can apply to begin your natural building journey with Thannal!
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