Apprenticeship and Internship at Thannal are for aspiring Natural Builders who are serious about learning and practising it. We look forward to people who are interested in understanding the principles of Thannal and contributing their efforts to the growth of Thannal.

Research and Documentation is the primary source of all knowledge gained in Thannal. So an apprentice would be expected to work more on Documentation, of both indigenous buildings and our own projects. Photography, Sketching and Writing skills can contribute to our documentation. We believe in training people to use natural materials after getting all the know-how through hands-on work on our live projects. Site Visits facilitating this would be also part of the curriculum here. This also opens the door to interaction with different contexts in executing vernacular techniques. We also encourage learning practical solutions, which are native to a place through our site visits.

After the initial phase of learning about Natural Buildings, people can be project coordinators of the selected projects we take. We generally take projects in Rural areas and believes in building more villages than cities. We avoid working for people with a consumerist lifestyle and prefer to contribute our services for the people in need, not in greed. So working in such scenarios can offer a wide range of opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of Natural Living.

As learning about natural buildings is a slow process, we need people who are patient with the schedule here. We work with like-minded people in Natural Living and Materials, which contributes to learning from everyone who is involved with Thannal.

Thannal also plans to expand in many more mediums like Literature and Music to spread the message of Natural Living, where we need enthusiastic people who are willing to get their hands on aspects beyond architecture.

We believe in using, studying and experimenting with materials in their natural form, and strictly avoid hybridisation with Cement and other manufactured materials. As Thannal is a non-profit organisation, we are unable to offer any stipend to our apprentices and interns. Please apply for Apprenticeship and Internship through the form on the ‘vacancies’ page only and wait for our response within two weeks.

Mandatory Terms for Apprenticeship / Internship
Those who have already attended our 10-day Natural Building workshop or online courses (Complete Bundle) will be given preference. If you haven’t attended a workshop till now, it is recommended that you attend the 10-day workshop (by paying the full tuition fee), after you get selected to understand Thannal and our ideology better.

Natural Building Apprenticeship Faq

Only those who have attended our 10 day natural building workshop or online video course (Complete Bundle) can apply.

We are open to everyone who is enthusiastic about building the natural way. Formal education isn’t needed to work with us. College drop-outs, Designers from any field, artists, writers, architects, civil engineers are all welcome.  

Your full presence of mind, body and soul is essential. A will to learn, explore and experiment with keen observation and an eye for detail are the prerequisites to be a part of our team.

Nice question. The best thing for a quick start is to attend a workshop or online video courses. Natural Building workshop will be best, where we understand your hands, mind, soul and attitude.

Sure, you could share your experiences with us. If not, then we will help you make some.

Every person has their own pace of understanding which is a beautiful human quality. Spending at least a year and a half with us or working with us on two complete projects is an ideal duration to understand the working of a natural building. You will be growing with the building, and even learning from your mistakes. 

The internship period with us is for one year, not six months, to go through different stages in constructing a natural building.

You will never know! We do not believe that a portfolio or an interview is enough to understand someone. And working with Thannal is not in any way like the conventional working system. We work together as a team, respecting everyone’s space and opinions.

Learning is a slow process and patience is what we are looking for. We would love to have someone who will readily involve with the work on-site, and simultaneously document the ongoing works. But most important of all is a good sense of humour.

Please go to the vacancy page to know more about apprenticeships and other vacancies.

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