Inspirational Music video songs for Natural Building

Songs that capture people and communities with their essence, journey, and emotions that give awareness to Natural Building practices.

Natural Building Inspirational Music video songs can be defined as the sounds and silences produced by natural building materials. All our senses confluence and imbibe in harmony to its nature, and cheerfully reaches out to listen, practice and recite in the same philosophy of using these materials to build.

In each of us, there is a piece of mother earth, a grain of mud that has transformed and transcended our ­­­­­­lives into many forms, yet we are oblivious to it. We are all made of the same stardust; every dime of it bears our ancient forefathers and ancestral memories, our nearest and dearest ones, hugging and holding us as a mother taking care of her child.

Architecture and music

Architecture and music are interconnected. They share an emotional and evocative drama that suspends and balances, contrasts and composes an ethereal flow, reflecting on a deeper meaning. Even the basic concepts of architecture such as rhythm, harmony, proportion, texture and articulation to every detail and construction method are endorsed, referenced and derived to or from or vice-versa in music.

Folk and tribal music in India have a long and winding history, that recites tales, chorus life-cycle songs, chant hymns of god and work, offer greetings, sing lullabies, spread love and courtship, and compose ballads and humorous songs, all for the well being and true progression of humankind. Instruments carved, chiselled and weaved out of wood, mud, and other natural materials add their unconditional part to the celebration of harvest festivals, seed sowing festivals and wedding festivities and so on. A joyful antiphonic chant stirred with an intoxicating rhythm guides, appreciates and brings together people and the community as a whole. 

The soul and spirit of this inspirational musical lifestyle, which was part of our day to day activities, are getting lost nowadays. The connection between architecture and music has faded and is now waiting to be resurrected. The Thannal team, behind Natural Building Song Series, are reviving the ark of life’s symphony through natural music, attuning to revoke our most profound feelings to nature and living together as one.

This article is written by Ar. Jaykrishnan Ranjit
Below is the video about how the concept of natural building music has evolved

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