Prepare to attend a Natural Building workshop


Now that you’re all registered for the workshop, here are a few guidelines that you should go through before we get ourselves ‘slushy’.

  1. This is exclusively a hands-on workshop so get ready to stretch and twist your muscles. Our classes are scheduled tightly with a specific amount of practice sessions for each technique. So kindly refrain from talking too much and use your own time at the campus more effectively. We do not have excessive theory sessions because you learn a technique by practising it, not by listening to it or taking videos of how our artisan does it.
  2. If needed, there are enough resting spaces within the campus for elderly people & who wants a break.
  3. Do wear light comfortable cotton clothes, preferably old, to beat the heat. There are very few chances of your clothes not getting soiled.
  4. The sun can be a bit harsh here so carry sunscreen and headgears. In case of rain, please carry a raincoat because you may not be working under a ‘roof’.
  5. Do keep yourself hydrated to avoid any discomforts. You can also carry Electoral & Glucose for that extra boost of energy.
  6. Use footwear that you can slip in and out of easily. Our Natural Cob Gym will need the use of your bare feet!
  7. At times, working with hands can get a little rough; you can get a pair of work gloves along!
  8. Please carry your emergency medicines if and when required.
  9. Keep your cell phones away during the workshop. Recording videos of lectures, demonstration sessions by artisans and proportions of mixes is strictly prohibited to avoid any kind of misuse later. You may take videos and photos of your own hands-on sessions and the fun time you have at our campus.
  10. You can take notes during lectures, so bring along a pen and notebook if you tend to forget a few important terminologies & names.
  11. We will be taking videos & photos of people and the work happening for Thannal’s documentation videos. Kindly let us know if you have any issues in being part of our YouTube films & Facebook photos.
  12.  We have only one toilet here on our campus, so kindly be patient waiting for your turn. Also, remember to wash your muddy feet and hands before using the toilet.
  13. Lunch during workshop days will be served from a local home-run mess nearby, with very different Indian flavours and rice. A variety of curry, spicy and non-spicy will be part of the dish. Due to various people’s preferences, ask us regarding various food options and flavours to avoid confusion.

Following is the list of accommodation which is close to our site; book the stay beforehand to avoid any future inconvenience.

Kalashetra Guest House – 099656 35036, Anapirandan, Perumbakkam Road.

Ramana Towers- 04175 235 437, Chengam Road.

Sheshadri ashram

Ramana ashram

Hotel Tamilnadu – 04175 221 666

Chola Hotel & Resorts – 04175 238 444, Athiyandal, Chengam Road.

For more options for accommodation in Tiruvannamalai (affordable, medium and high cost) & their contact details, please go to the link below:

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Hope all of you have fun getting drenched in the mud!!

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