The Natural Home by Food Blogger Kalyon

Shutter cob house in Sonvale a village near Murbad in Maharashtra

The Natural Home by Food Blogger Kalyon

This article is a part of Thannal Homes series  – Owner’s Build

Introduction:  A Vision Takes Shape

Imagine a food blogger’s sanctuary, nestled amidst nature and built with sustainable practices. This is the reality of the “Natural Home,” a testament to one food blogger’s vision for eco-friendly living on a budget. In an age of modern construction, Kalyon dared to be different, crafting a 540 sq.ft. haven that embraces nature’s bounty. His story, woven with threads of determination, self-discovery, and community collaboration, inspires us to rethink the possibilities of comfortable and sustainable living.

Total built-up area: 15×36 ft = 540 sq.ft

Cost of construction: 4.5 lacs = 833 INR per sq.ft

Construction timeline: December 2022 to May 2023

People involved: One mason and 4 to 5 helpers, including Vinod Lokhande, Shantaram Bhalchim, Yogesh Lokhande, Kashinath Lokhande, and Santosh.

Plant derivatives used: Kadukkai water for cob mix preparation and corn starch for plastering mix.
Location:  Sonavale, a village near Murbad in Maharashtra (3 hours from Mumbai).

Chef Kalyon’s journey from vision to realization is a testament to sustainable living, financial prudence, and the transformative power of belief in a better way of life. This is the story of the Natural Home, where spaces for Kitchen, Verandah, Living cum Bedroom, and a Bathroom were meticulously crafted with a commitment to eco-consciousness and cost-effectiveness.

Project Timeline: Turning Dreams into Reality

Kalyon’s vision for his Natural Home began to take shape in December 2022, and by May 2023, his dream was realized. This remarkable achievement was made possible with the support of a dedicated team comprising one mason, Ramesh, and a team of four to five helpers, including Vinod Lokhande, Shantaram Bhalchim, Yogesh Lokhande, Kashinath Lokhande, and Santosh.

Sustainable Construction: Embracing Plant Derivatives

What sets Kalyon’s home apart is the conscious use of plant derivatives in construction. Kadukkai water played a crucial role in preparing the cob mix for the walls, while corn starch was employed for the plastering mix. These sustainable choices not only enhanced the eco-friendliness of the project but also showcased Kalyon’s commitment to preserving the environment.

Innovative Building Techniques: Traditional Meets Modern

The Natural Home is a testament to traditional building techniques fused with modern ingenuity. Its walls are a blend of burnt bricks, lime mortar in the corners, and shuttered cob in-between. The unique touch comes in the form of a bathroom wall constructed using recycled glass bottles, adding a touch of artistry to the sustainable design. For hygiene purposes, the bathroom features elegant tiles, providing a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Roofing Excellence: Beauty in Functionality

One of the standout features of the home is its four-way sloped roof, featuring a wooden structure and Mangalore tiles. This roofing material not only ensures durability but also adds a rustic charm to the dwelling. Adding a personal touch to the roof, Kalyon’s daughter adorned it with beautiful virali art, infusing warmth and personality into the structure.

Cost-Effective Sustainability: Balancing Budget and Belief

Despite the challenges faced during construction, Kalyon’s Natural Home stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication and unwavering belief. Cost-effectiveness was a key goal, with a total construction cost of 4.5 lacs, equating to 833 INR per sq.ft. Kalyon’s decision to actively participate in the construction process alongside local artisans and helpers proved to be a winning strategy.

Conclusion: A Sustainable Beacon with Budget in Mind

In an era where sustainability and eco-conscious living are of paramount importance, Kalyon’s Natural Home serves as an inspiring beacon. It demonstrates that a harmonious coexistence with nature is not only possible but also rewarding. Kalyon’s journey from attending a 10-day August workshop to manifesting his own mud home is a testament to the transformative power of commitment, community collaboration, and a deep respect for the environment. His story encourages us all to consider how our choices can contribute to a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kalyon was inspired to create his Natural Home a long way back from being a food blogger and a self trained chef which resulted in his participation in a 10-day August workshop 2022 focused on sustainable living. This workshop ignited his passion for eco-friendly construction and self-sufficiency.

The total construction cost for Kalyon’s Natural Home was 4.5 lacs, equivalent to 833 INR per sq.ft.

The use of plant derivatives, such as Kadukkai water for cob mix preparation and corn starch for plastering mix, is significant because it makes the construction process more eco-friendly and sustainable.
Read more: The forgotten wisdom of plants and herbal remedies provides essential principles from which to create natural architectures

The construction of the Natural Home began in December 2022 and was completed in May 2023, taking approximately five months.

Kalyon’s commitment to reducing the cost of his Natural Home involved a collaborative effort with the local community. He actively engaged with a team of one mason and four to five helpers from the area. By sourcing labor and expertise locally, he not only supported the community but also significantly reduced labor costs, making the project more budget-friendly. This approach not only lowered expenses but also promoted community involvement and contributed to the project’s success.

Kalyon’s journey demonstrates that with dedication and the right team, anyone work on a similar sustainable construction project. It serves as an inspiring example for those interested in eco-friendly living.

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The Natural Home conveys a message of harmony with nature, sustainability, and the idea that living in eco-friendly and cost-effective ways is not only possible but also rewarding.

To learn more about sustainable construction and living practices, one can explore hands on workshops, books, online resources, and communities dedicated to eco-friendly living from Thannal. Kalyon’s journey began with attending such a workshop, which inspired him to create his Natural Home.

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Dharan Ashok

This article is by Natural builder and Architect Dharan Ashok. This article is a part of the Thannal Homes series  - Owner’s Build

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  1. Fantastic! Preservation of man, by preserving his soul and his culture with earth. Poetic construction.

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