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Extensive 10-day Combo Natural Building Workshop

Note: Please follow the registration procedure after reading the entire terms and workshop details

Extensive 10-day Combo Hands-on Natural Building Workshop

1. March 4th – 14th, 2024 (Status: Open)

2. December 18th – 28th, 2024 (Status: Open)

If you’re keen to join this year’s 10-day Hands-on and Complete Companion Natural Building Combo workshop but find it’s fully booked, don’t worry. You can still sign up for our waiting list. We will promptly notify you if any spots open up due to cancellations. Please email us at thannalroots<@>gmail.com to get on the waiting list. 

Time- 09:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Venue: Thannal Campus, Tiruvannamalai, TamilNadu

Extensive 10 day Combo Natural Building Workshop Tamilnadu India


Get the complete natural building learning experience through hands-on and self-paced online course

Discover the key components that will rekindle your passion for natural building. Unleash your inner natural builder with this transformative experience!


  • A 10-day immersive hands-on training session
  • Listen to lectures and watch presentations.
  • Watch artisans demonstrate techniques with samples.
  • Have the chance to ask questions and discuss.

Thannal offers this 10-day course, providing hands-on experience in natural materials and techniques for building foundations, walls, roofs, flooring, and finishes. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of mud, lime, bamboo, herbal mixes, and natural gums, learning to identify, source, prepare, and utilize these materials while also exploring termite resistance treatments and mud structure repairs.

Why should you consider a combo workshop?

Picture this: You attend our hands-on workshop, and it’s an amazing, immersive experience. You’re all fired up to start building, but as soon as you’re back home, a flood of questions starts pouring in. That’s where the combo workshop shines! With the self-paced online course right at your fingertips, the entire process becomes a breeze. It’s like having the answers to your burning questions in your pocket. Don’t miss out!

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or someone aspiring to make natural building your career, this combo is your ultimate companion on your journey.

Fee Structure

The workshop fee is Rs. 48,000/-. To register you have to pay Rs.22,000/- and the remaining Rs. 26,000/- fee is to be paid on the workshop day (in cash only).

If you are coming for the workshop with your family, children between 10-16 years will be charged Rs. 15,000/- and children below 10 years can attend the workshop without any fee with their parents. The fee for each additional family member is Rs. 30,000/-. Please be aware that access to the online course is granted to a single participant only. Any additional family members should also pay 50% of their fee in advance as a registration deposit.

If individuals who have previously purchased the online course wish to partake in the hands-on workshop, they may do so by paying a fee of Rs. 30,000/- to secure a spot. Please note that there are only 5 available seats for additional participants, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. This fee includes lunch & refreshments during workshop days and excludes accommodation & food & travel expenses.

Note: Our policy generally accommodates seats for husbands, wives, and children as family members. We offer a total of 15 full tickets, along with 5 seats for family members.


10-Day Hands-On Workshop Schedule:

Day 1: Introduction to Thannal, Participants introduction, Natural Building Basics (Theory), Material Library, Tools and Natural Building Glossary (Theory), Mud Properties, How to start with procurement of soil (Theory), Hands-On Mud Sampling (Hands-on), Cob Sampling (Hands-on).

Day 2: Introduction to Wall Systems (Theory), Cob Mixing, Lime, Lime cycle, types of lime, slaking and storing lime, usage and testing (Theory), Mortar Sampling (Prototype), and Foundation Basics (Theory and Hands-on).

Day 3: Bamboo and wood Knowledge (Theory), Cob mixing and Cob Wall Construction (Hands-on), Crafting Niches (Hands-on), and Window Frames(Hands-on).

Day 4: Wattle and Daub Introduction (Theory), Hands-On Framing (Hands-on), Weaving, Daubing (Hands-on) and Sculpting (Hands-on)

Day 5: Adobe Basics (Theory), Types of Bonds in masonry (Prototype and Hands-on), Adobe Brick Making (Hands-on), and Earthbag Preparation (Hands-on), CSEB Making (Hands-on) Termite mix application in flooring (Hands-on) Flooring base layer (Hands-on).

Day 6: Campus Tour and Site Visit.

Day 7: Holiday.

Day 8: Theory to Natural Finishes (Theory), Plaster Techniques (Hands-on), Sampling (Hands-on), and Different types of natural Roofing Techniques (Theory), Extraction of clay for clay paints (Prototype)

Day 9: Adobe Wall Construction (Prototype), Plaster Mix Preparation (Hands-on), and Testing Samples (Hands-on), Mud from participants testing (Hands-on)

Day 10: Plaster Application (Hand-on), Earthbag Wall Construction (Prototype), and Roofing Application – Flat mud roof and Limecrete roof (Prototype and Hands-on)

Day 11: Presentation on Natural Building Methods (Theory), Doubt-Clearing session, House plan of participants discission (Theory), Final Coats Application for plasters and Flooring (Prototype and Hands-on), Testing plaster samples (Hand-on), Group Photo

Total Hands-On Sessions: 25 | Total Theory Sessions: 15 | Total Prototype Sessions: 8

Self-Paced Online Course Content

Part 1: Essential Materials of Natural Building – Introduction to Natural Building, Mud, Bamboo, Lime, Surkhi, Admixtures – 1

Part 2: Natural roofing techniques – Introduction to Roofing Techniques, Flat Mud Roof, Madras Terrace Roof, Limecrete Roof, Khiru Roof, Adobe Roof, Pot Tile Roof / Country tile roof, Sandwich Roof using Terracotta Tile

Part 3: Wall Systems & Foundation – Foundation, plinth and plinth beam, Different Wall systems, Wet mixes, Cob, Wattle and Daub, Adobe, Dry mixes, Earthbag, CSMB, Openings, Masonry and mixes”

Part 4: Natural Finishes & Flooring

Click here to learn more about the Index of Natural Building Virtual Library.

Total Duration: About  20 hours | Learn at your own pace | Validity: Lifetime

Workshop Location:
Thannal campus, Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

The fee covers lunch and refreshments exclusively during the workshop days. However, it does not include accommodation, travel expenses, or any costs associated with site visits.

Nearest Railway Stations: Tiruvannamalai, Katpadi and Villupuram.
Nearest Airport: Chennai, Bangalore.

Accommodation & Transportation:

Accommodation is not available within the Thannal Campus. Therefore, participants are required to find and arrange their own guest house. We will provide a list of nearby places to stay. Please note that the accommodation cost is not included in the course fee. Additionally, participants are responsible for organizing their daily commute to the campus, which is located 6 km from Ramana Ashram, Tiruvannamalai, during the workshop days. Many guest houses in the area offer bicycles or scooters for rent at nominal rates, which can facilitate transportation. Alternatively, participants can consider sharing vehicles with other participants.

Kindly read the Cancellation Policy:

We understand that circumstances may arise when you can’t attend our hands-on workshop after booking a seat. However, kindly note that we have limited seats available and finding a replacement on short notice may be difficult.

The advance payment is non-refundable, but in return, you will receive access to the Part 1-4 Complete Companion of the Natural Building Online Course.

If you wish to cancel your booking, kindly inform the Thannal team via email at least 20 days prior to the workshop. In such a case, we will provide you with the opportunity to attend the next 10-day workshop without any penalties (so be sure to attend our next 10-day workshop). It is important to note that seat availability follows a first-come, first-served basis, and only 5 seats are allocated for cancellations. If all 5 seats have been booked, you will have a chance to participate in the subsequent workshop.

For cancellations made within 20 days of the workshop, an additional fee of 4,500 INR per person will be charged. As a result, the total amount due will be 19,500 INR (15,000 INR + 4,500 INR). If family members are registered with you, this fee may vary.  In these instances, you have the option to attend the next 10-day workshop. However, it’s important to note that this opportunity is limited to the immediately following 10-day workshop and cannot be carried over to future sessions.

Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for cancellations. Instead, we present these two options to accommodate your needs. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and thank you for choosing Thannal for your natural building education.


To book the tickets write to us thannalroots<@>gmail.com. The further step-by-step process and payment details shall be informed to you via mail. Kindly note that entry to the workshop is only possible through email; further details will be provided via email.

Prepare for the day:
Please see the link for details of things to carry, the nearest airport, hotels, and other matters of concern- Prepare for the workshop


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find responses to our most frequently asked queries. Should you have any further questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to reach out. We’re eager to assist!

Join the Thannal Team for a 10-day hands-on workshop and dive into real building projects with expert guidance. You’ll join a community of people who love natural building just like you do, and you’ll get special access to an online course full of information on everything from choosing materials to putting the finishing touches on a building. Plus, it’s a great place to meet people who can help with your projects, like volunteers, architects, and engineers.

Stepping into the role of your mentors for this enriching journey are the dynamic duo, Architect Biju Bhaskar, boasting 15 years of expertise in natural building, alongside his partner Sindhu Bhaskar. Complementing this seasoned pair is Architect Dharan Ashok, who brings a fresh perspective with his 5 years of experience. Alongside these knowledgeable guides, local villagers and skilled masons, who have hands-on experience with Thannal, will also share their rich, practical wisdom with you.

The duration isn’t set in stone; even a 2-day hands-on program can be effective if you have access to the complete Part 1-4 online course. However, for those seeking an immersive, hands-on experience, a 5-day or 10-day program may be more suitable.

While this is a new program, existing online course users (Part 1-4 online course)who wish to participate in the hands-on workshop can do so by paying a fee of Rs. 30,000/- to join

Absolutely, it’s a must! We’ve found through our extensive experience that this online course is invaluable. It equips you with essential knowledge, answering many questions you might have before and after the workshop. This way, you can make the most of your hands-on training with us!

Imagine a learning experience tailored to your schedule and location! A self-paced online course means you have the freedom to study from anywhere, at any time, all at your own pace. While there won’t be a tutor present, you’re not alone in your journey; our vibrant online community is always available to help you clarify any doubts or questions you might have.

To fully benefit from the hands-on workshop, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with specific key chapters. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about laying a solid foundation for your practical experience. Here’s a tailored guide to what you should explore:

  1. Introduction to Natural Building: Start here to grasp the basics and ethos of natural building. Learn More
  2. Introduction to Roofing Techniques: Dive into roofing methodologies, a crucial aspect of any structure. Explore Here
  3. Different Types of Wall Systems: Focus on the first two chapters to understand various wall systems in natural building. Check it Out
  4. Types of Natural Plasters: Discover the various plasters that breathe life into walls. Discover More

While completing the entire 20-hour Part 1-4 course is optional before the workshop, engaging with these specific chapters will significantly enhance your hands-on experience. You can delve into the rest of the course afterwards, enriching your overall understanding and application of natural building techniques.

A prototype session is a dynamic and engaging part of our workshop. Here, skilled artisans take center stage, showcasing their expertise in various crafts. It’s not just a display of talent, but an interactive experience. As these artisans work their magic, mentors provide insightful commentary, explaining the processes and techniques in detail. This session allows you to observe, learn, and understand the nuances of craftsmanship firsthand, making it an invaluable part of the learning experience.

Comparison Table

Our tailored workshops offer a range of experiences to suit your interests and availability. Whether you have just a couple of days or can immerse yourself for longer, we have something for everyone. Compare our 2-day, 5-day, and 10-day hands-on combo workshops to find your perfect fit.

Quick 2-Day Combo Natural Building Workshop Immersive 5-Day Combo Natural Building Workshop Extensive 10-day Combo Natural Building Workshop
Hands-On Sessions 5 13 25
Theory Sessions 8 10 15
Prototype Sessions 6 5 8
Online course access Part 1-4 Part 1-4 Part 1-4
Fees per participant 28,000 INR 37,000 INR 48,000 INR
Fees for additional participants (Family Members only) 8,000 INR 18,000 INR 30,000 INR
Fees for children age 10-16 4,000 INR 9,000 INR 15,000 INR
Fees for children below 10 Free Free Free
Site visits to see Natural buildings No No Yes
Discussions and presentations about various projects No Yes Yes
Doubt Clearing sessions No Yes Yes
Know about materials in natural building Yes Yes Yes
Making walls Hands-on Only cob and wattle and daub in full scale, making of CSEB, Adobe prototype Cob, Wattle and Daub in full scale, CSEB, Adobe and Earthbag block/unit making only All types which cover cob, wattle and daub in Full scale earthbag, adobe unit/block and wall making, CSEB block/unit making only
Roofing Techniques No Theory and Prototype(Mud roof and Limecrete rood) Theory and Hand-on(Mud roof and Limecrete rood)
Foundation, Plinth and Plinth Beam No No Yes, both theory and prototype
Natural Plasters Theory and Prototype only (3 plasters only) - 2 hr session Theory and Hands-on (6 Plasters + Clay Plaster and Lime Wash) - 8 hour session Theory, Sampling and Hands-on (6 Plasters + Clay Plaster and Lime Wash) - 16 hour session
Natural Flooring No No Theory and Hands-on Cow Dung - mud flooring, Lime flooring, Natural tile placing
Testing Participants soil No Yes Yes
Mortar Classes No No Yes
Who can Attend? Everyone Everyone Everyone

*Please be aware that any topics not fully addressed in the hands-on sessions will be thoroughly covered in the online course.*


Click on the name to view the detailed review.

Rachna Shree Arya
Rachna Shree Arya
Read More
I recently attended the 10-day Natural Building Workshop at Thannal Natural Homes in Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. I had a wonderful experience and learned so much about the principles and practices of natural building. The workshop was led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors who were passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. They were patient and helpful, and they made sure that everyone had the opportunity to learn and participate.
Novita Singh
Novita Singh
Film maker
Read More
No number of reviews can sum up the experience of learning at Thannal and the joy of natural building experience. Thannal is a reservoir of knowledge on natural building and the task they have undertaken to document and preserve our traditional knowledge on natural building is immense but also extremely critical. Biju Bhaskar and Sindhu Bhaskar are the real heroes of today and it was truly wonderful to be at the Thannal campus and learn from them. Their team is thorough precise and extremely patient. As a filmmaker with no knowledge of building, i cannot be grateful enough for the classes and lectures and all the material shared. Not to mention the camaraderie that sets in within the group in such experiences. It was my privilege to be taught by them and I am truly honoured to have been there and done that.
Carter Joseph
Carter Joseph
Read More
What an experience….. “Thannal” is not just about constructing Mud buildings, but a bold caption in paving a way to simplistic living in harmony with nature…..”Thannal” is a great place to start one’s journey towards natural building as it targets almost all aspects about managing & constructing buildings in most natural ways. I sincerely thank Biju Anna for his dedication, sincerity, attention and research, he has devoted in planning and executing such valuable courses and wish great success to the “Thannal Team” in inspiring greater crowds and communities.
Maruthi Eranki
Maruthi Eranki
Software Developer
Read More
I've been to Thannal on a 10 day workshop. The workshop consisted of theory - practicals right from foundation till roofing. Thannal has designed this workshop so well. Being from non technical background I had lots of fun learning about natural building. Thannal campus has couple of natural buildings. Must explore this place. The staff is supportive in every aspect.
Shankar karani
Shankar karani
Natural Farmer
Read More
Being part of such natural building workshop was very satisfying. Eventhough I am a non technical person in terms of buildings, the theory and hands on experience gave enough confidence to build my own natural house in coming future. Biju Bhaskar and team are doing fantastic work in reviving natural building technique, hats off to them. This is the best workshop for those who would like to explore the natural building techniques.
Ankit & Amrita Mehta
Ankit & Amrita Mehta
Architects from A+A Design Studio
Read More
Thank you everyone at Thannalfor superb, informative and tailored....10days hands on workshop on natural building materials and techniques....
Saket Mishra
Saket Mishra
UI/UX Designer
Read More
If all education and school in India are taught this way nothing can stop us from being world leaders. If you want to change the way you think or change the way you create and imagine then this is a place you just visit and learn from
Krithika Saravana
Krithika Saravana
Interior Designer
Read More
The 10 days natural building workshop has been truly impactful. As an interior designer I feel responsible to carry forward these indigenous techniques and the journey of sustainable living. Thannal helped me to get out my connection with nature while working with mud. It’s remarkable how the combination of earth and other natural materials can result in beautiful dwellings. Great set of teachers, happy bunch of people, happy vibes & fuller hearts. Thank youuu 🤍

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