Khan Market’s Natural Haven: A Home Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi’s Busy Streets

Khan Markets Natural Haven A House Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi Busy Streets FI

Khan Market’s Natural Haven: A Home Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi’s Busy Streets

This article is a part of Thannal Homes series  – Owner’s Build


Manisha Thakur’s passion for Mother Earth could no longer be ignored. After years of working in marketing companies in India and overseas, she decided to attend Thannal’s hands-on workshop in April 2022 to make her dream a reality. Determined to build a natural home, she started construction in August 2022 in her own backyard, amidst the busy streets of Delhi.

Undeterred by the small site, Manisha poured her heart and soul into the project. The foundation and plinth were crafted with lime mortar and burnt bricks, while the walls were made mostly with unstabilized adobe bricks and mud mortar. Toilets and corners were constructed using burnt brick masonry. A fusion of two techniques emerged, resulting in a unique home that seamlessly blends natural materials.

Building the walls using sun dried mud adobe bricks in Khan Market Delhi India
Building the walls using adobe bricks and burnt bricks for a 960 sq. ft. home on a plot area of 1,500 sq. ft
Learning to make an Earthbag from Thannal Co-founder Sindhu Bhaskar
Manisha is learning to make an Earthbag from Thannal's Co-founder Sindhu Bhaskar in a hands-on workshop

Mud plasters and cow dung plasters were used to give the walls a natural finish, while lime plasters were used for the washrooms. The roof was constructed with bamboo and layered with straw and mud-lime mixture, covered with a fiber sheet. For the flooring, a mixture of boric-borax, copper sulphate, and lime was used. Stone flooring was applied to one of the bedrooms with mud and cow dung finishes, while the master bedroom and living room were adorned with lime flooring.

The construction of the home was completed in January 2023, after just five months and a total budget of about 9 lakhs. What makes this home truly special is the contribution of volunteer artists Sanjay Soni and Nitti Thapa, who not only helped with the construction but also learned about natural building in the process.


Manisha’s unwavering dedication and involvement in every step of the construction process are a testament to the power of determination and hard work. Her home is proof that natural building is possible even in the heart of a bustling city. Let her story inspire you to chase your dreams and create a space that reflects your passion for Mother Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Manisha Thakur, the driving force behind this eco-conscious endeavor. Her passion for Mother Earth led her to embark on a journey to build an environmentally friendly home right in the heart of Delhi.

In just five months, from August 2022 to January 2023, Thannal Homes – Owner’s Build was completed, showcasing Manisha’s unwavering dedication and the efficiency of eco-friendly construction techniques.

Yes!!! Manisha’s home serves as a compelling illustration of the possibility of constructing natural buildings in urban settings, even amidst the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas. The project’s excellence lies in its astute selection of locally sourced materials, ranging from burnt brick and lime mortar for the foundations to sun-dried adobe bricks with mud mortar for the walls, and a distinctive combination of bamboo roofing infused with mud-lime mixtures. This harmonious fusion of natural elements truly distinguishes the project.

Manisha collaborated with a dedicated team of seven workers, including herself, along with talented volunteer artists Sanjay Soni and Nitti Thapa. Their combined efforts not only built a home but also cultivated knowledge about sustainable construction.

Several unique admixtures were incorporated into this project, including Neem Turmeric Mix, Kaddukai Jaggery Mix, Cow Urine, and Maida Starch. These admixtures were carefully chosen to enhance the eco-friendliness and durability of the construction materials.

Absolutely! Manisha’s involvement and passion for her home became a testament to cost-effectiveness in eco-conscious construction. With a total expense of approximately INR 9 lakhs and a built-up area of 960 square feet, it translates to a cost of just INR 937.5 per square foot. This demonstrates that building an environmentally friendly home can be both sustainable for the planet and friendly to your budget.

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Picture of Dharan Ashok

Dharan Ashok

This article is by Natural builder and Architect Dharan Ashok. This article is a part of the Thannal Homes series  - Owner’s Build

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11 thoughts on “Khan Market’s Natural Haven: A Home Built with Earth in the Heart of Delhi’s Busy Streets”

  1. Namaste Shiva,

    We’re glad you found the house beautiful and are interested in building something similar. To get started, you can write to “thannalroots<@>” for more information and guidance on how to proceed with your project.

  2. Namaste Akshaya,
    Nice to know that this article was helpful!
    Regarding your question about the raw materials, every mud can be used to make adobe, but you have to know the content of clay, sand, and silt inside the mud.
    Manisha actually went to a nearby burnt brick kiln and specifically requested bricks without the final firing process. These unburned bricks were used in most of the construction. However, areas that required more structural strength like corners and for areas that needed more water resistance, toilets were constructed using burned bricks,
    So, it was a combination of locally sourced materials and careful selection to ensure the project’s success.

  3. Hi. The house is extremely beautiful. Loved every part of it. But I have a question regarding the raw materials. I have heard that only certain type of soil/sand is preferable for making Adobe wall or for mud plaster. Did the site which is n the heart of Delhi naturally have that type of soil ? Or was it sourced outside? It’ll b really helpful if u could answer this. Thank you!

  4. It’s beautiful i want to build same house like this please help me for this whome i have to cantact I stay Andra Pradesh anantapur

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