Walls and foundations
Various methods of foundation and walls practiced in traditional construction methods in India as well as new construction methods evolved by natural builders from around the world is portrayed here. You can see various documentations on walls and foundations here, which can help you in understanding the different dimensions in making natural homes.

Earthen Wall Systems

The ranges of different natural building techniques out there are many and all of them are appealing. These wall systems use locally available renewable materials and focus on minimizing the negative ecological impact.

Erikarai Cob home under Arunachala

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An example to show us how building a natural home is simple, easy and economical, especially when people come together and work as one unit.

The patod stone house Rajasthan

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Patod stone house Rajasthan are entirely made using slabs of the pink sandstone known as Jodpuri patti.Same stone for the columns,rafters & roofing members.

150 year old Natural home of a natural farmer

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Raman Cheruvayal's home, a traditional paddy farmer who collects indigenous seeds, setting an example for all the farmers to be in touch ..

The Wattle & Daub Cottage

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The Wattle & Daub Cottage at Sukrishi farm in Bangalore, India. With a making of cottage Video and an illustrated guide to cob, wattle and Daub construction