Free Thannal Homes

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Free Natural Homes

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Free Thannal homes are our dream to make natural shelters for those people in need who are not allowed to dream designer natural homes.
Per year we are planning to select 5 people by the panel members and each house will be designed by selected natural builders from this country as well as selected natural builders around the world.


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Key theme of Thannal

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who are people in need ?

[av_dropcap1]F[/av_dropcap1]or us this can be an old person  worked entirely for the well-being of others people in whole life and have no house to stay or an upcoming youngster who is already doing and can do better for other communities but can’t dream a roof on top of his head for his family. This can be a home for a widow or a disabled who is struggling for a house or this can be also for an artist without home.


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We are open to all like-minded people to donate or sponsor this beautiful natural building awareness program to create these free designer homes for needed. We too are raising fund for this “key theme of Thannal” by working in our other areas like Gift a Thannal home and Affordable Thannal home.

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As we know many of you want to learn from different earthen builders, but we all have to wait until this section starts. You can track us in our social networking Medias or subscribing to our blog. We will be announcing the place, time and selected natural builders through all our Medias. Mean time you can keep learning in our other areas.

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Presently we are concentrating under the foot hills of Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. We are kindly asking you to check our availability if it is outside Tiruvannamalai by mailing us.

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We obviously need this to be documented so that many of the students will get benefited along with this free Thannal homes.


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