Thannal News

Thannal News
News from Thannal about various travels, upcoming documentations, construction projects, resolution, news letter and new workshops done by Thannal. It will also include the objectives of working for Thannal, as a natural building awareness group. Portrayal of any form of media coverage to any aspect or person related to natural buildings will also be done under this.

Useful links

Kindly go through the below useful links before contacting us to help you better, regarding workshop, house construction queries, consultation, artisan enquiry, interviews, learn with thannal etc.

This year’s Thannal Resolutions

Resolutions for the upcoming year as per the present circumstances in and around Thannal and Indian Natural Building movement, through disaster management, natural farming, free homes and natural building books.

Journey of Thannal

As part of Laurie Baker’s Birth Centenary Exhibition, Thannal have attempted to reach common man through portraying different dimensions in which we try to spread awareness about Natural Buildings. Go through this brief compilation of the journey of Thannal

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