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part 1 – Course 1 – Saket

Part 1: Essential Materials of Natural Building Unlock the secrets of natural building materials with our comprehensive online course package! Our program offers six chapters of expert instruction on topics such as natural building introduction, mud, bamboo, lime, surkhi, and admixtures, giving you the skills and confidence to make informed decisions in the natural building

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Termites & Indian Natural Buildings

Humans come in constant fight with termites, while if we can understand their way of functioning, natural remedies derived from plants can keep them away and resolve this fight. Read this article for do it yourself natural termite repellent derived from plants.

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Native Farmers from Tamil Nadu doing Natural Building

They spend their entire life to grow food without chemicals and here they learn to build own homes without cement and artificial materials. While learning, they teach our local farmers about Natural Farming, a first step towards village regeneration, back to their own roots.

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Native Seed Collectors of Tamil Nadu – Part 1

Before half-a-century, our Villages were Treasures of Native seeds, which slowly got faded and forgotten through modern agriculture practices. We face a severe loss in our Genetic diversity, and we are in need to save and grow our Native seeds.

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