Natural Finishes

Natural Finishes is a series where we portraits a part of a natural building like wall finishing methods (earth and lime based plasters, renders & paints), floors (earthen floors, natural stones,terracotta) used by us or by other natural builders or from a traditional buildings.

Here we try to understand the different techniques of various portions of a dwelling by understanding the various techniques and methods of flooring, roofing or plaster finishes. The research eventually culminates in experiments of our own. The idea here is to bring the lesser known technologies to the household of the common man.

Interview: Thappi, a Marvel tool of Lime

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Master Mason Abdul Razak ji talks about Thappi Plaster and the peculiarities of the plaster. Read about how Thappi Plaster with admixtures is applied on diverse surfaces and types of Lime in Rajasthan he has worked with.

Interview: Traditional Natural colourist Yusuf Painter

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In his journey of explorations in Traditional Indian Lime Plasters, Biju Bhaskar meets Yusuf ji, a traditional natural colourist, who worked mainly on paintings and murals (on lime plaster) for over 50 years. Read more about his expertise in different sources of Natural Colours and time-tested techniques of application

Types of Indian Plaster part 1

The beauty of Indian plasters is that it utilises different natural derivatives from trees and herbs to increase the molecular strength, termite resistance and water repelling quality. Kitchen ingredients like Methi (fenugreek), Gur (jaggery), Kadukkai (Haritaki), Gooseberry, herbs like...


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Cement is hailed as the ultra-modern building material, coming together with steel to reach new heights that mankind has never dared to reach before. In only about hundred years of its existence, cement has acquired the trust of the masses

Understanding lime with a sprinkle of shayari (poem)

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Understanding lime with real heroes of natural buildings are the ones who have worked extensively, trained themselves and carried forward the traditions of building that their ancestors have taught them