thannal natural building workshop september 2017

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Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

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Welcome to the foothills of Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai for the two day weekend workshop “Essentials of Building with Earth”. The workshop is on second weekend of February (11th & 12th). This edition of the workshop is for those who want an introduction to natural building.

The hands-on workshop will cover various natural building materials, process and design. Topics covered in workshop is not limited but includes building with mud, foundations, wood preservation, preventing termites and pests, natural finishes etc.

Dates : 2017 February 11th – 12th (Weekend)

Participation is limited to 15 participants and will be on a first come first serve manner. We are seeking participants with all levels of experience. Most importantly, applicants should have enthusiasm, a deep willingness to learn, an appreciation for working with their hands and bodies, and a good attitude!

Fee: 6500 INR

Please follow the link to Registration closed

Workshop Location

Thannal, Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu – 606603

Accommodation is arranged from Morning 11th to 12th Evening. Since the workshop starts at 11th 8.30AM , it is recommended to reach Thiruvannamalai by 10th friday evening (Early accommodation can be arranged up on request).
Please let us know in advance when you will be arriving.
It will be a shared (Twin) accommodation. There will be separate accommodation for ladies and gents.
Accommodation Address : Sri Ramana Bhavanam, Chengam Road, Thiruvannamalai
Google Map Location :

Nearest Railway Stations: Thiruvannamalai, Kattpadi and Villupuram
Nearest Airpot: Chennai, Bangalore
Auto rickshaws will be arranged on demand for travel between workshop location and accommodation.

Simple south Indian breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of accommodation.
Dinner is not included, you could avail it from any of the nearby restaurants.

Prepare for the day
Please see below links for details of things to carry and other matters of concern.

For any further queries please email us at with subject “Workshop Feb 2017”.. We will try get back to your emails in the same day, so please call us only if that is unavoidable.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
If you want to cancel your reservation before 4th February, we will refund you full amount if we are able to fill the vacancy before 9th February. Otherwise we will refund you 50% amount paid.

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