Awakening workshop for Students

Natural Building Awakening workshop for Students

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Note: This course is only for group of students from a college / institution / university, like Architecture college, Engineering colleges, Fineart colleges etc


Workshop is conducted as a learning opportunity for making buildings with local materials like mud, lime, bamboo, stones and plant & animal derivatives. By introducing participants to many indigenous techniques in architecture, shelters can be built which are eco-friendly, less construction cost and more lifespan as compared to conventional buildings. We do not use cement, steel or concrete in our construction. We believe architecture can expand in more dimensions other than just concrete jungles, in something which is more close to our body and soul. Thannal believes in creating a knowledge sharing platform through this workshop.

About Workshop

Workshops facilitate learning about materials and techniques through hands-on work (1:1 scale) and observe wide range of experimentation done in our campus. Inferences from such experiences can strengthen confidence in building with Natural Materials. The course divided in four parts – Theory, Hands-on, Prototype and Site tour. We are seeking participants with all levels of experience. Most importantly, applicants should have enthusiasm, a deep willingness to learn, an appreciation for working with their hands and a good attitude!

What all you’ll be experiencing on site:

  • The Singing Dervish Studio, using cob.
  • Earth bag studio with Loft.
  • Learning center, comprising of various wall system- Cob, Adobe, Wattle and daub.
  • Open kitchen using Cob, Adobe, Wattle & Daub.
  • Different sorts of Roofing – Thatch, pallet wood, Terracotta and Living roof.
  • Sensing Natural living.
  • Water tanks made with Mud and Lime.

Aspects of Natural Building explored:

  • Foundation using Stone.
  • Cob, a thick mono-lithic wall using Mud and Fibers.
  • Wattle & Daub, bamboo is weaved and mud is applied on top. Flexible to take any shape given.
  • Adobe, Sun Dried bricks of Mud and Fibers.
  • CSMB, compressed mud blocks using very less water.
  • Beams and Lintels using Bamboo.
  • Natural Plasters using admixtures derived from plants and animals.
  • Murals and Sculptures on Mud walls.
  • Lime preparation and usage.
  • Different forms of stabilization and
  • Treatments using native plant and animal derivatives.
  • Natural gums.

The course consists of

  • Theory sessions with lectures and audio-visual presentation.
  • Hands-on sessions (for better practical learning about materials).
  • Prototype sessions (artisan will explain through doing a sample).
  • Site Tour (Explanation of existing buildings at Thannal campus)
  • Question and Answer session.

Essential topics in the workshop:

  • Introduction to Natural Building.
  • Evolution of Natural Building in India.
  • Material Library.
  • Natural Gums, Herbs, Starch.
  • Natural Builders in India and around the globe.
  • Owner’s Build and Low Cost Mud housing.
  • Thannal’s completed and on-going Projects.
  • Revival of Traditional techniques.
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Ar. Biju Bhaskar, Sindhu Bhaskar & other members from Thannal team.


Kindly write to us to book a workshop through the form below.

Workshop Location:

Thannal campus, Pandithapattu village, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu – 606603.


Nearest Railway Stations: Tiruvannamalai, Katpadi and Villupuram.

Nearest Airport: Chennai, Bangalore.

Workshop fee:

The cost for workshop during a two-day workshop is Rs 1500 per day, per student, for a batch of 50 students, with a minimum requirement of 2 faculty members accompanying them.


We don’t have the facility to stay within Thannal Campus, so we can suggest guest house or dormitory nearby for participants to find and arrange stay in Tiruvannamalai town. Staying, breakfast & dinner expense is not included in the course fee. Daily commute to the campus (6 k.m. from Ramana Ashram, Tiruvannamalai) during workshop days can also be suggested by us for the participants.


  1. This is exclusively a hand-on workshop so get ready to stretch and twist your muscles.
  2. Do wear light comfortable cotton clothes, preferably old, to beat the heat. There are very less chances of your clothes not getting soiled.
  3. The sun can be a bit harsh here so carry sunscreen and head gears. During monsoon, carry Rain Coat as you may not be always working under a ‘roof’.
  4. Do keep yourself hydrated to avoid any discomforts. You can also carry Electoral & Glucose for that extra boost of energy.
  5. Wear foot wear that you can slip in and out of easily.
  6. At times, working with hands can get a little rough; you can get a pair of work gloves along!
  7. Please carry your emergency medicine if and when required.
  8. Keep your cell phones away during workshop, you can spend your time more effectively working during workshop. Video recording during classes is also prohibited, to prevent any misuse of videos.
  9. Carry a notebook and pen to take down notes, in case you tend to forget what is taught in classes.
  10. The itinerary is subjective to change as per material availability, site conditions and local weather.
  11. We don’t entertain non participants at workshop site during workshop hours, unless it is unavoidable. Please take permission from us in advance if you want to invite your relatives or friends to campus during workshop days.
  12. Do respect privacy of others when you go visit any nearby sites.

Contact us by email thannalroots [@] gmail.com

Completed Workshops

Over 50 +  hands-on training programmes were conducted and 1500+ people trained

Online Video Course

Natural Building class in Tamil & English

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  1. Hai I am a La wyer and native of Chennai. My husband is a native of Tiruvannamalai. We are planning to settle down at Tandarampet, my husband’s village. We are planning to have a living with mother nature. We saw your website and fell in love with the mud bag house. We want to construct a mud house for ourselves as we are planning to live with nature, grow natural and organic plants and trees. Kindly let me know when the next workshop is going to be. We would like to participate together.

  2. I am an native of Tiruvannamalali District. Would like to participate in the workshop to build my mud home at Tandarampet Village. KIndly keep me posted about the details of next workshoop.

  3. We are a group of 6 people, we are very interested in taking this workshop, please let me know about the details for the workshop

  4. Sir, house wife or school teachers allowed for ur workshop to learn ?

    If so may I know the fees ?

  5. One person can join am interested as per a post group only can join like it mentioned .. so please confirm and if ok ple mention the next schedule ….

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