Bamboo construction

Bamboos are one the fastest growing building materials. Out of the several species of bamboos, Bamboosa, Guadua, Vedar (solid bamboos) and few others are suitable for construction. Bamboo, one of the tallest and strongest grasses, is rightly named “The Wondergrass”. Here you can read articles related about bamboo.


Finishing using coconut leaf


tropical-hut-interiors-tropical-hut-Arunachala-mountain-view-   thatched-house-with-coconut-leaf-walls thatched-cottage thatched-bamboo-toilet natural-staircase bamboo-shower



















































A path way to Mud

Bamboo hut in Tiruvannamalai
Whole idea was to start a small bamboo hut

But we decided to make a strong hut with a loft (here in Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu they call it
Parni for a loft). Later use mud to cover this construction (wattle and daub method).


Bamboo construction stages

bamboo-construction-1  bamboo-construction-2bamboo-construction-3