Natural Building Books Part-2

Natural Building Books Part-2

Directory of Masonry wall systems


These are simply readable books with a detailed review on Masonry wall systems: Compressed stabilized mud block, Adobe and Superadobe (Earthbag). Each of these provides some fascinating history, reviews the building system, covers general requirements, addresses cost, and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of that building system. In general, it is a very well researched and highly useful directory on Masonry wall systems.

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Building with Stabilized Mud

By K.S. Jagadish .

Building construction using stabilized mud has been in vogue in different parts of the world for nearly six decades. However, the desirable practices have not been placed on a firm footing due to the sporadic nature of the constructions. The situation is complicated due to the highly variable nature of soil as a construction material. This monograph is an attempt to summarize the best practices for the use of stabilized mud. The book talks about Materials selection, Compaction of Soils, Process of block manufacturing, wall construction with mud blocks, cost analysis and Spread of Stabilized Mud Construction in Karnataka and India.

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Adobe: Build It Yourself

By Paul Grham McHenry Jr.

This book explores the depths of adobe and enables the reader to build their own home intelligently and realistically. With an emphasis on adobe construction, the author describes the planning of every aspect of one’s home from the financing to the foundation, the floors to the fireplaces. The prospective builder must be prepared for a long period of frustration, doubt, worry, and plain hard work, but the helpful ideas found on the pages of this book will encourage readers to build despite the challenges.

The intention of this book is to help bridge the gap between architects, builders, craftsmen, and unskilled but determined individual who wants to build their own home. This book outlines the technical aspects of adobe construction with several pictures and figures to simplify production.

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The Owner-Built Adobe House

By Duane Newcomb

This book remains a useful guide that will help you build your own adobe house almost anywhere in the country, even in areas not usually considered “adobe country.” Duane Newcomb takes you through every step of the process, from selecting a site, obtaining building permits, drawing plans, excavating, and making bricks to adding kitchen cabinets and finishing the interior. The Owner-Built Adobe House details every aspect of various types of adobe houses and includes information on plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling, fireplaces, flooring, and the framing of windows, doors, and roofs.

With sixty-six detailed drawings and photographs accompanying the instructions, this book is the basic manual in the field and is invaluable to both the novice and expert homebuilder.

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Adobe Houses for Today: Flexible Plans for Your Adobe Home

By Laura Sanchez , Alex Sanchez

Adobe Houses for Today features 12 plans for compact, beautifully proportioned adobe homes in modern and traditional styles. The richly illustrated text shows how the basic houses, designed for today’s smaller families, can be expanded and adapted to fit readers’ own budgets, family sizes, style preferences, and building sites.

The heart of the book details the plans, using them as examples of design techniques that increase livability and control costs in any house. The book and its minimal-cost construction drawings are valuable, enjoyable tools for those buying, building, or remodelling a house.

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Adobe Book

By John F. O’Connor

A fully illustrated, detailed how-to covering every phase of construction from soil and blocks to heating, electricity, plumbing, interiors, exteriors and landscaping. O’Connor was a civil engineer with considerable knowledge of adobe construction.

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Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques

By Kaki Hunter and  Donald Kiffmeyer

Earthbag Building is the first comprehensive guide to all the tools, tricks, and techniques for building with bags filled with earth-or earthbags.This profusely illustrated guide first discusses the many merits of earthbag construction, and then leads the reader through the key elements of an earthbag building: Special design considerations Foundations, walls and floors Electrical, plumbing and shelving Lintels, windows and door installations Roofs, arches and domes Exterior and interior plasters. With dedicated sections on costs, making your own specialized tools, and building code considerations, as well as a complete resources guide, Earthbag Building is the long-awaited, definitive guide to this uniquely pleasing construction style.

Shop at: Amazon- Earthbag Building: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques

Building With Earth: A Guide to Flexible-Form Earthbag Construction

by Paulina Wojciechowska

Using inexpensive, recycled, or salvaged polypropylene tubing or textile grain sacks, even relatively inexperienced builders can construct a tree-free retreat, studio, or full-time home. This book gives detailed instructions on earth architecture, design and siting, and building of foundations, roof etc

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Mud Ball – How I Dug Myself Out of the Daily Grind

By Atulya K Bingham

“Despite having very little money, almost no building experience, and endless naysayers who told her she would fail, Atulya K. Bingham completed her lovely earthbag home. Her personal, inspirational story shows how anyone can build their own sustainable home with earthbags.” Dr. Owen Geiger, Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building, author of the Natural Building Blog and Earthbag Building website.

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