Alchemy in Architecture Flat mud terrace roof earthen homes

Alchemy in Architecture

Standing proudly, on the edge of the road was a charming remnant of the local architectural tradition of Tumkur. This flat mud terrace roof home is around 200 years old
June 3, 2015/by Thannal

Earth buildings still smile under the veil of Lakkundi village

You can find on earth buildings in Lakkundi multitude textures from stone, wattle & daub, mud, wood and lime to satisfy the natural building lover’s palette
June 1, 2015/by Thannal

Flowing Palm Leaf Lean-To roof

We are lucky enough to get this 18 feet height wood from nearby village. Tied rope at the top most point in different direction to see the pitch of the roof
September 10, 2013/by Thannal

Marking on Earth for cob foundation

Two natural colours were used for the grid as well as for the curved wall of cob foundation. For the basic grid points we used red mud and for curves we used lime powder.
July 24, 2013/by Thannal

Thannal cob homes for Thannal Workers

While designing Thannal cob homes for Thannal workers we kept this Growing tree as our center point in our design composition, so the whole structure started growing around this tree and our drain.
July 15, 2013/by Thannal

who am i mud hut

Who am I mud house has a loft made of bamboo and a small kitchen. West wall has an art work using broken tiles and bottles. This side is also carved using chisel.
July 15, 2013/by Thannal
Summer in Mud Hut

Summer in Mud Hut

Summer started in Thiruvannamalai, our growing trees started giving shades. Especially our mud structure is really cool inside. Our beloved friend Shihab Kader, a photographer visited us
April 17, 2013/by Thannal
Land Art in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

Land Art in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

As a request from others after 3 years we all thought of putting this land art in this blog.We named this sculpture "Giri Vannakam", means bow to a mountain, Arunachala
March 22, 2013/by Thannal
Earth Architecture in Tiruvannamalai

Earth Architecture in Tiruvannamalai

Construction photos of mud house . Children really enjoyed working with mud, as well as making sculptures. Earth architecture is really a healing process.
March 3, 2013/by Thannal

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