Land Art in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India

This happened in March 2010. Thannal’s first work.

As a request from others after 3 years we all thought of putting this land art by environmentalist architect Biju Bhaskar in this  blog.
We named this sculpture “Giri Vannakam”, means bow to a mountain, Arunachalaarchitect-biju-bhaskars-land-art-in-thiruvannamalai arunachala-giri-vanakam-by-Ar.Biju-Bhaskar giri-vanakam-sculpture-by-Architect-Biju-Bhaskar land-art-using-branches-and-twigs-india natural-land-art-sculptures-by-environmentalist-architect-biju-bhaskar Sayooj-KS-helping-on-bird-nest


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