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Namaste Earth lovers, Kindly go through the below links before contacting us to help you better. Thannal is a natural building training school rather than a construction group.

1.What is Thannal team doing presently?

        a)We will be starting with a video course online – the Back Home series – through which you can learn about mud construction. This course contains all aspects needed to make a home – foundation, wall, roof, plasters and flooring. 

        b)We are trying to release the first part of the course by 2021 June. 

        c)To get updates of ‘Back Home series’ on your phone, if you are not part of our Whatsapp group, join Thannal news Whatsapp channel through this link.

        d)We are trying to do the series in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi so that more common people can also understand about such construction methods.

        e)We have started with an interview series ‘Natural builders around us’ – about other natural builders all over India who studied from Thannal and continue studying by themselves. See updates in our YouTube channel playlist Natural builders around us, kindly wait until and follow the upcoming videos.

2.How can you support us?

        If you have the willingness, You can share a helping hand to us by donating through this link for the expenses of the series. 

        Or you shall use Milaap-online crowdfunding platform to donate us.

3.What is thannal?

        Thannal is a natural building research and training school rather than a construction group. ‘Thannal’ means shade in Malayalam. You can read about us page to know more about Thannal.

4.How can you know about our workshop updates?

        We will update the new workshop in the workshop page and WhatsApp group.

5.What can you do if you want to visit our campus?

        Our campus is temporarily closed due to covid-19. Kindly read details on the Reach us page.

6.Do you want to build a Natural home for yourself?

        We are currently concentrating on the making of an online video course-Back home series till June 2021. So We are not taking any new construction projects till June 2021. We believe that it is far more important for Thannal to create a different medium of learning, that is through videos and books. You can further know about how we are taking up projects by going through Upcoming Natural building works page. To read more about Build a natural home Initiative, kindly go through the link embedded in it.

7.What is the cost of Natural building?

        There are two factors mainly affecting the cost of natural building. Labour and material. If you get your materials in the site itself, cost will be coming down. Few factors which affecting cost are,

        New doors & window vs Reclaimed doors & window

        Working with 3 master Mason vs You & your friends working with one Mason

        We have attained the cost of the natural building about Rs. 700/- to Rs. 1400/- per square feet.

We are currently working on ‘Cost of building’ in detail. It will be published soon through our publications.

8.How can you contact us through phone calls and whatsapp?

        We are available for a talk on all Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Sorry for the inconvenience, on other days kindly message us on this WhatsApp through Thannal news number- +91-9385620884. As a small team, we are doing our best within our limitations to serve you better.

You can join our Whatsapp group for new Thannal Natural building videos, article, workshop updates, books, visiting us, online class, information of other Natural builders etc using this link – Kindly do remind us, if Whatsapp group gets filled.

9.How can you contact us through Email?

        If you have other specific queries, You can write to us through this email id of Thannal Trust Admin- thannalroots<@> You can expect a reply from us within 7 to 10 days.

10.Thannal publications

        We are publishing Articles, Videos, Online courses, Books and Website about Natural building.

        Presently, we are converting all mentioned publications to Tamil and Malayalam. We will do translations for other languages after completion of current works.


        Areas which you can work with Thannal are Apprenticeship, Internship, volunteers, Translators, Giving voice over for videos and Video editors. When we open a new vacancy, we will update it on the Vacancy page. Please go to respective pages to know about Apprenticeship & Internship and volunteership.

12.How can you understand about Natural buildings?

        There are several old natural homes from all over India that we have explained through the Ageless village series. Kindly watch those videos for your doubts about life span, maintenance, methods to specific regions, performance, aesthetics and so on.