Summer in Mud Hut

Summer in Mud Hut

April 2013,Thiruvannamalai

Summer started in Thiruvannamalai, our growing trees started giving shades. Especially our mud structure is really cool inside. Our beloved friend Shihab Kader, a photographer and a well wisher of Thannal came to visit us and took some photos of our last year activities, including new stage of our mud hut.











































































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  1. Thannal
    Thannal says:

    Thanks Colm.We have just changed our old theme to new theme of our website. Will fix it soon..thanks for the notification

  2. Colm
    Colm says:

    Great website in general! One thing is, on this page when I click on a photo to view it, I get a version that is the same size or smaller than the original! Also, I cannot navigate between photographs using the arrow keys – I have to close one to open another. Small gripes! Love your work!!!

  3. Auroville Guest Service
    Auroville Guest Service says:

    Dear friends,
    a very nice little house. It’s good for summer.:-))) We need more houses like that, which are also not expensive. We like it.
    Best wishes from Auroville
    Auroville Guest Service

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