Natural Building Awakening workshop for Students

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Natural Building Awakening workshop for Students

Natural Building Awakening workshop for Students

Note: This course is only for group of students from a college/institution/university

Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes is a Natural Building Awareness Group, based in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Founded by Ar. Biju Bhaskar, in 2011, we aim at reviving Natural Buildings with breathing Mud walls, stabilized with lime and natural admixtures. Using locally available natural materials without adulterating reduces exploitation of nature. The effective way to learn about Natural materials is to build with it.

Workshops facilitate learning about materials and techniques through hands-on work (1:1 scale) and observe wide range of experimentations done in our campus. Inferences from such experiences can strengthen confidence in building with Natural Materials. Availability of experienced workers for assistance and required materials in the right preparation has enhanced ambience in our campus in Tiruvannamalai for such an endeavour. The course also includes Rural Study and Documentation of indigenous & contemporary mud buildings.

What all you’ll be experiencing on site:

  • Water tanks made with Mud and Lime.
  • The Singing Dervish Studio, using cob.
  • Earth bag studio.
  • Sensing Natural living.
  • Animal shelter using different wall systems

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Course Detail (for 03 days)

Introduction To Natural BuildingTheory
Introduction To MaterialsTheory
Earth – Sampling/TestingPrototype
Lime – Cycle/Slaking/BaggingPrototype
Bamboo/Wood – TreatmentPrototype
FoundationHands On
Wall Systems :……..
CobHands On
Wattle And DaubHands On
AdobeHands On
CSMBHands On
Plasters :……..
Mud PlasterPrototype
Lime PlasterPrototype
Mud + Lime PlasterPrototype
Rural Study – Indigenous And Contemporary Mud BuildingsSite Visit
Presentation On Natural Building-People And PlacesTheory
Small Group
(25-40) per student
Medium Group
Large Group
(60 plus)
One day charge per studentRs. 2000/- Rs. 1750/- Rs. 1500/-
Two Day charge per studentRs. 3500/-Rs. 3000/-Rs. 2500/-
Three Day charge per studentRs. 4500/-Rs. 3750/-Rs. 3000/-

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Natural Building Awakening workshop for Students form

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