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Note: Our small team is engaged till 15 July 2019 in travel, documentation, research and pre-production of upcoming Video series and Book: Natural Building for Common (wo)man. So kindly wait till January 2020, if you are keen on Thannal doing your project.

Thannal is an awareness group, not a construction group. We do not take up not more than three projects in a year, so we ensure that they are value-based projects. We try to take up different proposals so that Mud buildings can be portrayed in different scales, not just residential projects. We will be undertaking design of Vipasana Center in Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu and Gandhi Sarvodhaya Center in Palakkad, Kerala after July 2019. Write to us if you have an initiative which is different. You can attend our workshop to know more about mud construction techniques. Every construction initiative done by Thannal are done only in Gift-Culture. Read more about Gift a Natural Building by Thannal to understand how we take up a project.

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Samudra Erikarai Cob

Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Cob Studio in painter Gayatri Gamuz’s in Eerikarai  land. Read more….

Status: Completed

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Volunteering closed on 22.12.2017

Earthbag home

Tiruvannamalai, India

This 550 Sq Ft (52 Sq M) super adobe home we have done with in one and a half month as an experiment with different methods …Read more

Status: Completed

Volunteering closed

Wattle & Daub cottage

Nelamangala, Bengaluru

The farm similarly is an ‘unplanned’ wilderness that accommodates flora and fauna that the locals have been inevitably forgetting… Read more….

Status: Completed

Volunteering closed