Hey Folks!

Now that you’re all set for the workshop, here are a few guidelines that we think you should go through before we get ourselves ‘soiled’.


1. This is a hands-on workshops and you will need to be prepared to get involved in physical work.

2. Do wear light comfortable cotton clothes, preferably old, to beat the heat. You clothes WILL GET SOILED!

3. The sun can be a bit harsh here so sunscreen, caps, hats & stoles will be your companion to keep your head cool.

4. Do keep yourself hydrated to avoid any discomforts. You can also carry Electral & Glucose for that extra boost of energy. :)

5. Wear shoes that you can slip in and out of easily. Our Natural Cob Gym will need the use of your bare feet!

6. At times, working with hands can get a little rough,  you can get a pair of work gloves along!

7. Please carry your emergency medicine if and when required.

8. Keep your cellphones away while working, this is no selfie zone.


Hope all of you have fun getting ‘Dirty’!

That’s all Folks!