Thannalites – Young Natural builders from India

Thannalites – Young Natural builders from India

Thannalites are students of Natural Building who have worked in-house with Thannal under Biju Bhaskar & Sindhu Bhaskar learning about earthen construction in deep through hands-on experience, travelling and researching about traditional methods for years before stepping out to practice individually.

Dheeraj Annapureddy

Based in Miryalguda, Telangana, after completing graduation, Dheeraj worked with Thannal for two and a half years, during which he was part of projects like Cob Kitchen, Weaving Walls and Earth-bag studio. His first project was an office space for Hut-K, Kodur Center for Arts & Culture at Kodur, Kadapah, Andra Pradesh. He has also started teaching his own Natural Building workshops; through which he is trying to spread the word of earth construction. Currently working in Andra Pradesh and Telangana region.

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Musharaff Hebbali

After studying architecture from Mumbai, she joined Thannal in 2015, during which she was part of projects like Weaving Walls in Bangalore, Firefly’s Dream & Multipurpose Tanks in Tiruvannamalai. Based in Dharwad, Karnataka, she is building 800 sq.ft. Cob Home, in her home town itself. She has also been active in teaching young architects about Mud Construction, by conducting workshops in CEPT Winter School. Currently working in Goa and Karnataka region as a designer and consultant for mud homes.

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Anushree Tendolkar

Native from Mumbai, she joined Thannal after completing her graduation in architecture, in 2015. She was part of projects like Weaving Walls in Bangalore, Firefly’s Dream & Multipurpose Tanks in Tiruvannamalai. She is the founder of ‘Dhirthy Hands’, a Natural Building Collective, through which she is active in teaching about Natural Buildings through workshops and exploring more about Mud Construction through projects. 

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Sundar Raj Ganesh

An architect belonging to Salem, Tamil Nadu. After working in Thannal from 2016-2018 and being part of projects like Dervish Studio, Learning Centre, Cow Shed in Tiruvannamalai, Seed Bank in Dindigul, Farmer’s Home in Attappadi, he is currently working in different parts of Tamil Nadu. He is currently doing two residential projects.

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Akhil Shajan 

Joined Thannal in 2017, From Trivandrum, Kerala. Currently working in Trivandram
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Karuppasamy Pandi

Civil Engineer from a farmer’s family, a native of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. After getting trained through a workshop at Thannal in 2018, worked at the Seed Bank project for one year. He now works near the Thoothukudi region in Tamil Nadu.
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