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Namaste nature lover,

I hope if you are reading this, you would be thinking of supporting Thannal. Let us tell you why you should spend your savings on helping us achieve our goals.

We are not a construction group; we aim to spread natural building by teaching more people how to construct without cement. Following are the major activities of Thannal Mud Home Trust:

  1. We do our consultancy for construction work in the barter system, not with a fee. We Survive through workshop fees only.
  2. We are producing an online video course – Back Home Series – a resource for all to learn about a different aspect of construction.
  3. Documentation of traditional methods from India – Ageless village series – so that people can have an awareness about how rich and valuable these methods are and how they can be brought back to the present.
  4. Working with traditional artisans and developing young artisans in natural building methods, which can be useful for many natural builders.
  5. Interviews sharing experiences of Natural builders around India, so that you can learn from the people who are doing construction.
  6. Know the sources of different materials around the country through a growing directory of materials – compiled by us through our research and work of other natural builders.

Creating books and magazines on natural building in different languages – Tamil, Malayalam, and English so that we can have non-digital resources for learning and overcoming language barriers.

You can lend a helping hand to meet our expenses for the above work by contributing money to us by pressing this button below. Kindly choose one of your payment method like UPI, Netbanking, Debit Cards/Credit Cards, International Cards etc

Kindly read below to know more in detail about where your contributions will be utilized.

Barter System – Consultancy we provide for the two house construction at a time is done in gift culture, with no money charged from the owner. The only income to run Thannal is from the workshops, which is currently stopped due to the serious coronavirus disease situation in Tamil Nadu. (Click this link here to know how we help people do construction)

Online video course – As we are getting many inquiries from people who need Pure mud houses without using cement & chemicals, we are doing an online video course about mud construction. The Back Home series is a complete course on all the aspects of a building – foundation, walls, roof, plasters, and flooring, which will be useful to anyone who is building a mud house – owner, professional, or artisans. Making this series involves shooting and compilation of videos, which requires a camera, computer, and other equipment. We also need to give humble stipends to the youngsters who are working to make this compilation, which will be a valuable resource for learning about traditional Indian Natural Building methods. (Click this link to know more about Back Home Series)

Study the existing traditional homes – We document through our travels to old existing buildings in different parts of the country and study them – which requires money. They are published under the series Ageless village series, accessible to all via the Thannal blog (link here) and YouTube channel (link here).

Revival of traditional Art forms – through these journeys we meet artisans from different places, invite them to work with us on our campus for a salary which can sustain them living far away from their native places. Artisans from Rajasthan who were associated with Thannal from years now are valuable gems we found like this and were ready to leave their homeland to work with us, reviving their traditional lime plasters. (See link here of the artisan’s interview) After working with us for more than 4 years – with workshops in their mohalla (community) and our campus, (see link here) they are now working with different people who need traditional Rajasthani lime plasters. This is only one kind of plaster, there are many more methods in India which are getting wiped off as the artisans who know such methods are very old. We need resources to meet more artisans, work with them, and revive more natural building methods, which can be used by all who need it in the future.

Natural Builders around us series – We portray other natural builders and owners who do natural building through our blog and videos. In their journey of learning about mud construction, they have been to Thannal and continue to learn by themselves. We work in documenting and understanding the work, showing the positives and learnings which one can take from the project. All this work requires dedicated working hours of many students, volunteers, and founders of Thannal. Your contribution will be helping us in reaching more natural builders. (See link here)

Material Directory – Through the network of Natural Builders around the country – friends of Thannal and through our travel and explorations, we have been able to make a directory of sources of materials – lime kilns, natural colours, etc. which can be useful for anyone who is going to build a mud home. (See link here)

Thannal Publications – Books and magazines are the major non-digital media, which can be used for learning by people who cannot come to workshops for learning. It is also a method of preserving knowledge for the next generation and reaching more people overcoming language barriers. We have published an e-book – Weaving walls in 2016 (see link here), which is now being translated into Tamil & Malayalam. The print edition will be coming out this year. Your contributions can help in printing books and reaching more people.

You can also read through the annual newsletter from Thannal (see link here) to know more about our works in a year.

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