Natural Builders

Natural Builders Around Us

Natural Builders Around Us

Read more about Gift a Natural Building by Thannal to understand how we take up a project. As you know, Thannal is an awareness group, not a construction group. We are concentrating on creating more natural builders and fewer buildings. To achieve this, we are more into teaching through our workshops, online video courses, books & articles.
Here you’ll find designers, artists, architects, civil engineers, masons, artisans, and discover people from every walk of life who have studied with Thannal about building using natural materials.  
In the below first part, you will see a link that leads to Thannalites, who have studied and practised earth construction for years with us. Then we will find a growing video gallery, where you will meet natural builders around us

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Discover Natural builders around us video gallery

Here you can meet natural builders from different part of India who has studied with us and practising sustainable architecture.

Make use of the Filterable tabs below to reach the respective section. If you are watching on mobile, use Filterable Tabs as a dropdown.

Online Video Course

Natural Building class in Tamil & English

Books & Ebooks

Over 50 +  hands-on training programmes were conducted and 1500+ people trained

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