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Work with Thannal

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Learning opportunity for students of Natural Building through apprenticeship with Thannal

You will be exploring traditional shelter making methods by working in our projects, coordinating in our learning programmes, being part of our Research & travel. You will be also having an opportunity of interacting with many like-minded people, pursuing natural living. This is not a job offer, but a chance to start understanding about construction with less impact to nature in detail.

This apprenticeship is aimed at making a student capable of making shelters with Natural materials only. In return, they will be doing documentation for our publications or any media intended in spreading these methods among the masses. They can also be part of Natural Builders of India, a collective of professionals in Natural building, after their time period at Thannal. As learning in this subject is a step-by-step gradual process, we expect an apprentice for minimum 1-year period. Preference will be given to male students and for those who have already attended our workshop. Kindly read more about apprenticeship here before applying.

Due our schedule of upcoming 10-day workshop, we will be contacting selected students through e-mail in the first week of September. We are looking forward to the selected applicant joining us in the beginning of September 2nd week.

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Please describe below element (eg: places you have grown up, presently you are staying etc)
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[av_contact_field label=’Parents contact number’ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_phone’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Regional Languages you can Speak ‘ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
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[av_contact_field label=’Link to any written article for a publication or a blog by you, by which we can know about your writing skills (if you do not have any, translate our article mentioned above) ‘ type=’text’ options=” check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Links to your blog/website/FB, if any’ type=’text’ options=” check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Tell us more about you’ type=’textarea’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Which work of Thannal do you like? Why? (Please check upcoming works) ‘ type=’text’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Review one of the videos from our youtube channel ‘ type=’textarea’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’What does Natural Building means to you? ‘ type=’textarea’ options=” check=’is_empty’ width=”][/av_contact_field]
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