Natural living

Living naturally is the only way to solve many crisis environment is facing now a days. Pure natural building is one part among many like native seed collection (seed bank) , natural farming, home schooling, natural medicine, meditation etc. Here we portray about all these areas.

Rajagopalan’s Veedu

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One of the oldest houses of Wayanad, this cob and straw thatch house is a proof of the resilience of a natural material as humble as mud, standing tough for over 300 years

The forgotten earth homes of Wayanad, Kerala

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Three people and their Mannu Veedu (mud homes) that are nothing short of a revolutionary movement in the realm of sustainable living in a crisis laden Wayanad.
path way to lime kiln

Path way to Lime Kilns

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The glory isn’t lost, we can reintroduce lime back into our lives into our homes, in this age of global warming they could be the saviours. It’s time we look back for a better future.
Alchemy in Architecture Flat mud terrace roof earthen homes

Alchemy in Architecture

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Standing proudly, on the edge of the road was a charming remnant of the local architectural tradition of Tumkur. This flat mud terrace roof home is around 200 years old

Earth buildings still smile under the veil of Lakkundi village

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You can find on earth buildings in Lakkundi multitude textures from stone, wattle & daub, mud, wood and lime to satisfy the natural building lover’s palette