Upcoming Natural Building Workshop and Courses

Thannal aims at creating a platform for learnings in Natural Buildings that are deep-rooted in traditional Indian knowledge. All our studies, documentation, travels and researches are funded purely by the income generated from workshops and not from any external funding, sponsorships or fellowships. Projects undertaken rely on gift culture without any consultation fee. This sharing of knowledge is crucial to us, which is possible after years of rigorous efforts and studies in the field that enables us to empower more people to build.  The money generated is for the sole purpose of bringing up of local traditional craftsmen, helping more people to spread the movement and to sustain our basic and simple lifestyle. We hope that people who want to learn from us understand the values we stand for and kindly not ask for discounts in our study programs. We do not have any scholarship available right now, though you can find a sponsor for yourself to study with us. Write to us by filling the form for free workshop in case you cannot afford but intend to benefit from this initiative.

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