Thannal natural plaster workshop March 2018

Thannal introduces Indian Natural Plasters which are fine finishes for walls constituent of different types of mud, lime, surkhi, cow dung, herbs, natural gums, fibres and oils. It provides comfortable indoor temperature without intoxicating and degrading the space for living. It can be applied on both Natural and Conventional buildings.

Course involves two Earth Plasters, two Earth and Lime Plaster and one pure Lime plaster which can be used for both Exterior & Interior as per building design. These simple plasters do not require highly skilled artisans but workers aware about the sequence of procedure. Group of three participants will be provided with an area of 50 ft2 on Earthen walls to do base correction coat, first coat & final coat. Methods to get different textures on walls and prototype of Lime and Mud Paints will also be explained. What to do and not to do for long life of Natural Plasters will also be covered in the course. Kindly fill the form below to be a part of the workshop.

Course Details:

  • Introduction to Natural finishes.
  • Identifying materials.
  • Mud:
  • -Knowing the types.
  • -Understanding its constituents -sand and clay content.
  • -Mud sampling and testing.
  • Lime:
    • Knowing the Types.
  • -Methods of lime
  • -Techniques of lime
  • Preparations – Sieving mud, lime and surkhi
  • Getting familiar to different sorts of Herbal mixes, Fibers and
  • Preparation of Starch and Natural Gums.
  • Tool
  • Application techniques.
  • Making test patches, analyzing and choosing the right proportion.
  • Preparing, Mixing and fermenting the ingredients.
  • Application – Base coat, 1st coat and final finish.
  • Different ways of burnishing the surface.
  • Surface treatments, Water proofing using Lime and Earth paints.
  • Maintenance and repairs of plasters.


  • The intake of participants will be 15-20.
  • The workshop fee is Rs 10000/-.
  • The workshop fee for the participants who have previously attended any of our workshops will be Rs 8000/-.
  • Workshop fee includes lunch and refreshments.
  • For accommodation suggestion:
  • The Itinerary is subjective to change as per the site conditions and weather conditions.

For workshop updates: