Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley

Cob Cottage Company / Oregon

Teachers of many present day natural builders and founders of Cob Cottage Company. Ianto Evans is an applied ecologist, landscape architect and writer known for his cob buildings, writings and teachings.They also founded the North American School of Natural Building and innovated a distinctive “Oregon Cob” method, hosting numerous workshops using this technique.

Books 1

The Hand-Sculpted House:

A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage

For your inspiration, edification, and step by step hands-on & how-to, this book just can’t be improved upon. Long checklists to help you choose the perfect piece of land and how to situate the location of your home. A tutorial in using passive solar to heat your house. How to design its interior to embrace you, find your materials as inexpensively as possible, gather your tool kit (what’s essential, what’s not), test the soil you have, make cob samples and evaluate them. Starter projects such as walls, benches, and stoves. Mixing techniques, building techniques, finishing techniques. The history of cob, the durability of cob, a trouble-shooting guide. How to make your own paint, make your own floor, insulate, remodel the house if you want to, where to put the wiring, every practical detail is included as well as the philosophical… you will find inspiration on every page. Countless examples and real life stories are included, as well as color photographs of cob structures all over the world. This book doesn’t just critique the current system, it shows you a way out!- Review by waldorf_curric

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Book 2

Rocket Mass Heaters

Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build

by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson

Ianto developed the Lorena stove in the 1970’s in Guatemala-the first really successful widespread self-help cook stove. He has thirty years experience with research promoting and building woodfired stoves. He was a founder of Aprovecho Institute, Cob Cottage Company and the North American School of Natural Building.

Leslie Jackson is a natural builder, an educator and a musician. She’s a freelance writer for such publications as Home Energy Magazine (on the web at www.homeenergy.org).

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A slice of the cob cottage Video interview with Ianto Evans and in second natural building full video Linda Smiley and other natural builders sharing experience of doing their own hand sculpted homes.

Ianto Evans talking about Cob Homes in this video
A slice of the cob cottage Video interview with Linda Smiley