Book cover Using Natural Finishes Lime and Earth Based Plasters Renders & Paints

Using Natural Finishes: Lime and Earth Based Plasters, Renders & Paints

by Adam Weismann & Katy Bryce

This book pages are smudged with clay, pigment, and lime. Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce are at the forefront of a new generation of builders that are continuing and perpetuating vernacular practices and crafts, while innovating by bringing together natural methods, materials, and techniques from a range of traditions. Using Natural Finishes, Lime- & Earth-based Plasters, Renders & Paints: A Step by Step Guide follows on their earlier book, Building with Cob: A Step by Step Guide.  A general discussion of tools, preparation, and application techniques is followed by detailed chapters outlining how lime- and earth-based plasters, renders, and paints work, how to prepare them, and how they should be applied. The final chapter highlights traditional finishes and practitioners from regions around the globe. In addition to all of the well-written text are several hundred gorgeous photographs. Review by Timothy M. Rieth