Online Natural Building Course

‘Back Home’ – free online video course on natural building has started publishing on 1st July 2020.

With your prayers and support, we can complete all the videos by end of May 2021.

We are releasing videos one by one, at a pace of 2-3 videos in a month.

The series is happening in 3 languages – English, Tamil and Malayalam.

Editing and compilation of Video, sound for narration, translations and with other areas where we are working on, we need your prayers and support.

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About Back Home

Online FREE Natural Building video course

This Online Natural Building Video Course web series is a compilation of documentation and work of Thannal founders for more than 10 years in the field of natural building. This has all aspects for making a home from foundation, wall, roof, plasters and flooring. The interviews with master artisans and owners who have successfully built a home can help a person understand the challenges in execution. The journey of making a home without disturbing nature can be started from here

Traditional methods of making homes varied from place to place, being adaptive to the local climate and materials available. There is a very old construction practice existing in India from the Vedic period (3300 – 1300 BCE). Excavations from cities of Indus valley civilisation and documentations in vedic texts Shilparatna and Mayamatam tells us the practice is very old. Existing examples of old houses all around the country following these principles tells us about the spread of this practice. Back Home: an Inner “sathi” (companion) in Indian Natural Building opens door to this knowledge through videos  and book.

Making home using natural materials like mud, stone, bamboo, wood, brick and lime is explained thoroughly as per different methods. Use of plant and animal derivatives to enhance the durability of the home instead of cement or chemical is the important aspect covered in this series. This connects the process of making home to plants, animals and lifestyle of the people. It uses locally available natural materials, keeping the cost and carbon footprint low thus are eco-friendly and truly sustainable homes, affordable to all. Such homes can be also recycled and reused, reducing the future demand of resources from earth and showing a way for sustainable future of man-kind in making shelters.

Back Home- Course 1

Old Indian traditional homes from different part of India and Listen to stories of Owners, Professionals, self-trained Natural builders and artisans share their life experiences of making mud homes – helping you grow.

Chapter 1

Ageless Village Homes

Old Indian traditional homes from different part of India, some examples are 300 years old homes still exist beautifully without using cement and other chemicals. Kindly press the image below to see the videos.

Chapter 2

Thannal project video

Building designed by Thannal founders Ar.Biju Bhaskar and Sindhu Bhaskar. Kindly press the image below to see the videos.

Chapter 3


Owner’s build – Made by owner him/her self or with their family, friends or with help of few workers