who am i mud hut

Who am I mud house has a loft made of bamboo and a small kitchen. West wall has an art work using broken tiles and bottles. This side is also carved using chisel.

Summer in Mud Hut

April 2013,Thiruvannamalai

Summer started in Thiruvannamalai, our growing trees started giving shades. Especially our mud structure is really cool inside. Our beloved friend Shihab Kader, a photographer and a well wisher of Thannal came to visit us and took some photos of our last year activities, including new stage of our mud hut.


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Earth Architecture in Tiruvannamalai

Earth Architecture in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil nadu

After one year as we planned the same bamboo hut.we decided to cover it up with red mud (wattle and daub method).

Mud construction stages

cob-architecture-in-development mud-detailing mud-carving mixing-mud-for-mud-house foundation-for-cob cow-dung-floor-with-red-mud- cob-mixing-2 cob-mixing-1 cob-detailing-with-bottles-and-tiles2 cob-detailing-with-bottles-and-tiles cob-cottage-in-development