Araish,Thappi Plaster & Lime Flooring May 2018

Sardarshahar, Rajasthan

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Thannal Natural Building School takes a watchful step to contribute to Heritage Conservation of India through a Revival Workshop on Thappi and Araish Plaster. After years of research and hands-on learning of Thappi Plaster and Lime Flooring from master mason Dawood Ibrahim Muwal in our projects, we reached the milestone to start a course for all.

Thappi is the indigenous wooden tool of Lime application, used in plastering walls and flooring methods native to Rajasthan. After a levelling coat of mud or lime crete or aggregates, a coat of Lime and Surkhi is applied and beaten by using Thappi to facilitate setting of lime.  It increases the clipping of lime with wall and repairs the cracks which forms as the lime dries. It is very careful procedure done till the lime hardens. It is finished with Fine coat of Lohi or Araish (both of Lime) on top.

Lohi is quick and simple finishing method, whereas Araish is a slow, detailed method having elegant finish with colours. Through this workshop we attempt to revive this traditional method of plastering and flooring, which is time-tested and proven powerful enough through our mud water tanks. We testify to how sand can be avoided (rare and very expensive now), replacing it with Surkhi in contemporary scenario. How to make home-made Surkhi and use natural polymers like methi (fenugreek), gur (jaggery) etc will also be taught in this course.

Sardarshaher is a small town in the heart of Thar desert in Rajasthan, which is gifted with many brilliant lime artisans. It has a number of buildings done in pure Lime plasters like Lohi, Zikki and Araish. This course will be headed by master masons Dawood Ibrahim Muwal and Abdul Razak Muwal, who have worked with Lime for more than four-decades, on conservation as well as contemporary projects. Thannal seeks to revive the glory of Thappi and Araish, adorned the walls of many Haveli and honor talented traditional lime artisans of Rajasthan.

The course duration is 4 days. It will be held in Sardarshaher, Churu District, Rajasthan.

Dates: 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th May 2018.

Course Detail:

Day one

01: Introduction to Thappi and Arairsh Plaster

02: Site visit to see and understand the method.


03: Base Coat preparation and application on Wall.

04: Levelling Coat on Flooring.

Day two

01: Preparation of Home-made Surkhi and Lime.

02: Application of first coat of Surkhi and Lime. (wall & floor)


03 & 04: Beating of Lime with Thappi.

Day three

01 Understanding cracks & doing Thappi.

02 Introduction & Preparation of Lohi


03 Application of Lohi and Lime Paint with Pigments

04 Introduction & Preparation of Aiarsh

Day four

01 Application of Zikki Plaster (Marble Dust & Lime)

02 Application of Araish


03 Application of Araish.

04 Natural Colours in Araish.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Course schedule may vary as per time taken for each work and performance of participants.
  2. In case of cancellation, fee can be retained as credit with Thannal and used in upcoming  workshops or can be transferred to anyone interested known by you or 50% refund can be availed.


  • The intake of participants will be 10-12.
  • The course fee is ₹17,500/- (Indians) or USD 295/- (foreign nationals) .
  • The fee includes lunch and refreshments on site and does not include accommodation.
  • We will surely get in touch with you once you register for the workshop regarding assistance for travel and accommodation.
  • The Itinerary is subjective to change as per the site conditions and weather conditions.
  • Though this is an expensive course as compared to our other courses, there won’t be any reduction in the fee. The knowledge offered in this course by the master masons, that evolved after many years of experience and practice is priceless. The major part of the fee would be directed to the artisan community of Rajasthan to encourage more traditional skills. The value of their skill needs to be honoured and recognized in order to get more traditional workers back to lime. This will also help in a school for Thappi skill development and for Thannal’s next revival series.

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